1Password Responds to Okta Incident

Oct 25 2023

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Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ???? 1Password smells something phishy after Okra Support breach ????

  • ???? Dios Mio! 34 cyber criminals arrested in Spain for stealing millions ????????

  • ????‍???? Can they hack it? iOS they can. Operation Triangulation is back ???? 

1s the word ????

???? 1Password Responds to Okta Incident: Enhancing Security Measures ????️

Popular password management solution, 1Password, identified suspicious activity on its Okta instance on September 29, following a support system breach. The good news is no user data was compromised.

Immediate Action Taken: ????

1Password's CTO, Pedro Canahuati, reported that they acted swiftly, terminating the suspicious activity and conducting a thorough investigation, reassuring users that no compromise of sensitive data occurred.

Breach Details: ????

The breach was facilitated through the use of a session cookie after an IT team member shared a HAR file with Okta Support. The threat actor attempted several actions.

What the Threat Actor Tried: ????️

  • Attempted to access the IT team member's user dashboard.

  • Updated an existing IDP tied to the production Google environment.

  • Activated the IDP.

  • Requested a report of administrative users.

1Password's Security Response: ????

1Password has taken significant steps to enhance security in the wake of the incident.

Measures include:

  • Denying logins from non-Okta IDPs.

  • Reducing session times for administrative users.

  • Implementing stricter multi-factor authentication (MFA) rules for admins.

  • Limiting the number of super administrators.

Similar Threat Patterns: ????

1Password noted that this incident shares similarities with a known campaign where threat actors compromise super admin accounts and manipulate authentication flows to impersonate users within the organisation.

Okta's Prior Warnings: ????

Okta had previously warned of social engineering attacks to obtain elevated administrator permissions.

Possible Connection: ????️

It remains uncertain whether these attacks are related to Scattered Spider, a group known for using social engineering to target Okta and gain elevated privileges.

Broader Impact: ????

This development comes shortly after Okta revealed a separate breach where unidentified threat actors leveraged stolen credentials to infiltrate their support case management system. This breach affected about 1% of Okta's customer base, impacting companies like BeyondTrust and Cloudflare.

1Password's Assessment: ????

1Password stated that the activity observed suggested the attackers aimed to remain undetected while gathering information for a more sophisticated attack.

Ensure your online security measures are up to date and stay vigilant! ????????️‍????️

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MALaga, eh? ????????

???? Spanish Authorities Nab 34 in €3M Cyber Crime Bust ????????

???? Spanish law enforcement celebrates a major victory as they arrest 34 members of a cybercrime group responsible for online scams that reaped a staggering €3 million ($3.2 million) in illegal profits.

???? Searches Across Spain: Police conducted searches in 16 locations, including Madrid, Malaga, Huelva, Alicante, and Murcia. They seized simulated firearms, a katana sword, a baseball bat, €80,000 in cash, four high-end vehicles, and electronic equipment worth thousands of euros.

???? Massive Data Haul: Authorities uncovered a database with information on four million people, gathered by infiltrating financial and credit institutions' databases.

???? Elaborate Scams: The cybercriminals used email, SMS, and phone calls to impersonate banks and utility companies. They also posed as distraught family members and manipulated technology firm delivery notes to defraud victims.

???? Corporate Insider: In one instance, they exploited a member's position in a tech company to divert products to the criminal group.

???? Cryptocurrency Investments: The network leaders employed false documents, spoofing techniques, and invested their ill-gotten gains in crypto assets.

???? Past Arrests: This follows the Spanish National Police's arrest of 55 individuals from the Black Panthers group, accused of SIM swapping and stealing €250,000 from victims.

???? Global Cyber Threats: Meanwhile, in a different scheme, scammers in China and India are joining forces to deceive victims using counterfeit loan apps and exploiting India's Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

???? Deceptive Apps: The scam involves creating fake Android loan apps that gather personal and financial information while coercing intrusive permissions, leading to unauthorised transactions.

???? Legislative Gap: Researchers highlight that UPI service providers currently lack coverage under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, making it easier for scammers to manipulate victim accounts.

Stay vigilant, and be cautious with unsolicited communications and unfamiliar apps. Cybercrime is a global challenge. ????????

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Operation Triangulation: Zero-Day Attacks

This time it’s personal.

???? Apple iOS Devices Targeted in Complex Cyber Attack ????

Kaspersky recently unveiled the secrets of a sophisticated attack on Apple iOS devices. This campaign, known as "Operation Triangulation," deploys the TriangleDB implant, consisting of four modules for spying and data theft.

????️ Elaborate Attack: Operation Triangulation, revealed in June 2023, used a zero-click exploit that targeted iOS devices by exploiting two zero-day vulnerabilities through iMessage attachments. The attack allows complete control over the device and user data.

???? Unknown Threat Actor: The scale and identity of the threat actor remain a mystery, although even Kaspersky was a target at the beginning of the year. This is a fully-featured advanced persistent threat (APT) platform.

???? TriangleDB Backdoor: At the core of the attack is the TriangleDB backdoor. It's deployed after the attackers gain root privileges on the iOS device by exploiting a kernel vulnerability (CVE-2023-32434) that allows arbitrary code execution.

???? Pre-Implant Stages: Before deploying the implant, two validator stages (JavaScript and Binary) ensure the target isn't a research environment. These checks protect zero-day exploits and the implant.

???? Invisible iMessage Attachment: The attack begins with an invisible iMessage attachment triggering a zero-click exploit chain, which opens a unique URL containing obfuscated JavaScript code and an encrypted payload.

????️‍♂️ Detailed Surveillance: The JavaScript Validator conducts various checks and browser fingerprinting, sending the results to a remote server to receive further malware. The Binary Validator erases traces, checks jailbreak status, and more.

???? Data Exfiltration: The actions taken by the implant include file deletion, personalised ad tracking, collecting device information, and app lists. The results are encrypted and sent to a command-and-control (C2) server.

???? Ongoing Surveillance: The implant maintains communication with the C2 server and can issue instructions to delete logs, cover forensic traces, and periodically exfiltrate sensitive data.

????️ Smart Microphone Control: Notably, the microphone module suspends recording when the screen is on or the battery is below 10%, indicating the attacker's desire to remain unnoticed.

???? Location Tracking: The location module triangulates the victim's position using GSM data when GPS data is unavailable.

???? Stealthy and Expert: The attackers exhibited a deep understanding of iOS and used private, undocumented APIs in the attack.

Stay vigilant and keep your iOS devices up to date to protect against such threats. ????????

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