Android devices infected via romance scams

Feb 06 2024

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  • ???? Android devices infected w/ VajraSpy via romance scams ????

  • ????️ Windows SmartScreen flaw exploited by Mispadu bank trojan ????

  • ???? Hong Kong office conned out of £20 million by deepfake video ????

But like heaven above me ????

The VajraSpy who loved me ????????????

???? Cybersecurity Alert: Unveiling Patchwork's Elaborate Threat Scheme! ????️‍♂️????

Slovak cybersecurity firm ESET has uncovered a sophisticated cyber threat orchestrated by the notorious Patchwork threat actor, employing romance scams to ensnare victims in Pakistan and India. ???? The nefarious campaign involves the deployment of the VajraSpy remote access trojan, infiltrating Android devices and compromising sensitive information.

???? ESET identified a dozen espionage apps, with six deceptively available on the official Google Play Store. Shockingly, these seemingly innocuous apps garnered over 1,400 downloads collectively from April 2021 to March 2023. ???? Security researcher Lukáš Štefanko highlights VajraSpy's espionage functionalities, ranging from stealing contacts, files, call logs, and SMS messages to extracting WhatsApp and Signal messages, recording phone calls, and even taking pictures through the device's camera.

???? The malicious apps, masquerading primarily as messaging applications such as Privee Talk and MeetMe, exploited the unsuspecting victims in a honey-trap romance scam. Notably, Rafaqat رفاق, posing as a news app, stood out as the only non-messaging application.

???? The exact distribution vector remains unclear, though it is suspected that targets were deceived into downloading the malicious apps as part of the romance scam. This mirrors Patchwork's previous tactics revealed by Meta in March 2023, involving fictitious personas on Facebook and Instagram.

???? VajraSpy is not a newcomer to the threat landscape. In November 2023, Qihoo 360 linked it to the Fire Demon Snake threat actor (aka APT-C-52), showcasing its persistence and adaptability.

????️ The cyber threat extends beyond the borders of Pakistan and India, with reports of Nepalese government entities falling victim to a phishing campaign associated with the SideWinder group. This group, like Patchwork, has been flagged for operating with Indian interests in mind.

???? The development coincides with financially motivated threat actors from Pakistan and India targeting Indian Android users with a fake loan app, employing extortion tactics by manipulating uploaded selfies during the know your customer (KYC) process.

????️ As cybersecurity concerns escalate globally, it is crucial to stay informed, vigilant, and share this warning with your network. Protect yourself against evolving cyber threats. ????????????

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Windows not so SmartScreen ????????????

???? Cyber Threat Alert: Mispadu Banking Trojan Strikes Again with Windows SmartScreen Bypass! ????????

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 reveals a resurgence of Mispadu banking Trojan exploiting a now-patched Windows SmartScreen security bypass flaw, compromising users in Mexico. This latest attack introduces a new variant of the Delphi-based malware, first detected in 2019, targeting victims in Latin America (LATAM).

⚠️ Propagated through phishing emails, Mispadu is infamous for stealing information, particularly in the LATAM region. Metabase Q's March 2023 report exposed Mispadu's spam campaigns, harvesting over 90,000 bank account credentials since August 2022. It's part of the broader family of LATAM banking malware, alongside Grandoreiro.

????️‍♂️ Unit 42 identifies the latest infection chain utilising rogue internet shortcut files within fake ZIP archives, exploiting the Windows SmartScreen bypass flaw (CVE-2023-36025), patched by Microsoft in November 2023. Researchers Daniela Shalev and Josh Grunzweig highlight the exploit's simplicity, relying on a crafted .URL file with a link to a threat actor's network share containing a malicious binary.

???? Mispadu, upon activation, selectively targets victims based on their geographic location and system configurations, establishing contact with a command-and-control (C2) server for data exfiltration.

???? Stay vigilant, update your systems, and share this alert to thwart evolving cyber threats! ????????️????

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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Hong Kong Phoney ????????????

???? Scam Alert: Deepfake Heist Costs Multinational Company HK$200 Million! ????????

In a groundbreaking incident in Hong Kong, a multinational company fell victim to a staggering HK$200 million scam ($25.6 million) orchestrated using deepfake technology. ???????? The scam involved a digitally recreated version of the company's chief financial officer (CFO) giving fraudulent money transfer orders during a video conference call.

???? The scammers employed deepfake technology to convincingly replicate the CFO and other meeting participants, making them appear and sound like authentic individuals. Acting senior superintendent Baron Chan Shun-ching emphasised that this case was unique, as it marked the first instance in Hong Kong where multiple fake personas were used in a video conference.

????️‍♂️ The employee from the company's finance department received a phishing message in mid-January, seemingly from the UK-based CFO, instructing a secret transaction. Despite initial doubts, the employee was deceived during a group video conference, where the scammers utilised deepfake technology to create lifelike representations of known company figures.

???? Following the scammers' instructions, the victim made 15 transfers totaling HK$200 million to five Hong Kong bank accounts. The entire episode unfolded over a week before the victim realised it was a scam upon consulting the company's headquarters.

????️ During the video conference, the scammers utilised deepfake voices to imitate the targets reading from a script, adding a layer of deception. The scammers maintained contact with the victim through various channels, emphasising the sophistication of their tactics.

???? Police are investigating the incident, highlighting the evolving threat landscape and the nefarious use of deepfake technology. Senior Inspector Tyler Chan Chi-wing urged vigilance, suggesting methods to verify authenticity, such as requesting movement or posing questions.

???? In response to the rising threat, police plan to expand their alert system covering the Faster Payment System (FPS) to warn users about potential scam-related transfers. The alert system, covering 35 banks and nine stored-value services, will be extended to local instant money transfers online and offline by the second half of the year.

???? Stay informed, stay vigilant, and share this cautionary tale to protect against emerging cyber threats! ???????? We’re living in a Brave New World ????

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