BlackCat ransomware fakes govt shutdown

Mar 07 2024

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Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ???? BlackCat ransomware fakes govt shutdown and pulls a Bernie Madeff

  • ???? Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets users beware! Malware manifests ????

  • ???? Python-based Snake info stealer spreads via Facebook Messenger ????️

Crims be like: Ransomwhere the f*ck did BlackCat go?! ???????????? #ExitScam


???? BlackCat Ransomware Vanishes in Exit Scam! ????????????

In a hilarious case of the scammer becoming the scammy, the threat actors orchestrating the notorious BlackCat ransomware have executed a vanishing act, leaving behind a trail of confusion and suspicion. Reports suggest an exit scam, with the darknet website shuttered and a bogus law enforcement seizure banner unfurled. ????????????

Exit Scam Unveiled ????????????

Security researcher Fabian Wosar has sounded the alarm, revealing telltale signs of an exit scam. The abrupt closure of the darknet portal, coupled with the dubious law enforcement seizure notice, points to a coordinated effort to abscond with ill-gotten gains. ????????????

The Alleged Betrayal ????️‍♂️????????

Speculations abound regarding the motivations behind BlackCat’s disappearing act. Allegations of withheld ransom proceeds and internal strife have surfaced, with an affiliate claiming foul play and financial betrayal. The saga unfolds amidst rumours of a rebranding effort, raising questions about the group’s intentions and future endeavours. ????????????

Cyber Intrigue Unraveled ????????????

As BlackCat fades into obscurity, the cybersecurity landscape witnesses a flurry of activity. LockBit ransomware undergoes a transformation, while the emergence of RA World poses new threats to healthcare, finance, and insurance sectors worldwide. The ever-evolving cyber threat landscape demands vigilance and resilience from organisations and individuals alike. ????????????

Stay Alert, Stay Secure! ????????️????

Amidst the chaos of cyber warfare, staying informed and proactive is paramount. Vigilance against emerging threats, robust cybersecurity measures, and adherence to best practices are essential defences in the ongoing battle against cyber adversaries. Let’s remain vigilant and safeguard our digital realms from the shadows of cybercrime. ????????????


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Spoofta Doofta Doompa De Do, Careful when you are meeting on Zoom ????????????

???? Beware: Malware Lurks Behind Spoofed Video Conferencing Sites! ????????????

Since December 2023, threat actors have been cunningly exploiting fake websites mimicking popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom. ????????????

Trojan Tricks Unveiled ????️‍♂️????????

Zscaler ThreatLabz researchers have unearthed a devious plot, with cybercriminals distributing Remote Access Trojans (RATs) under the guise of legitimate video conferencing software. The malware targets both Android and Windows users, posing a grave risk to unsuspecting victims. ????????️????

Sneaky Spoofs and Malicious Scripts ????????????

The malicious sites, cleverly crafted in Russian, employ typosquatting tactics to deceive users into downloading malware-laden payloads. Spoofed domains closely resemble their authentic counterparts, enhancing the illusion of legitimacy. Unsuspecting visitors are tricked into downloading RATs via APK files for Android and batch scripts for Windows, initiating a cascade of nefarious activities. ????????????

A Coordinated Cyber Offensive ????????????️

The threat landscape further intensifies with the emergence of WogRAT, a new malware targeting both Windows and Linux systems. Exploiting platforms like aNotepad, cyber adversaries deploy covert tactics to disseminate malicious code, amplifying the scope of their digital onslaught. Meanwhile, financially motivated actors like TA4903 orchestrate high-volume phishing campaigns, aiming to pilfer corporate credentials and perpetrate business email compromise (BEC) attacks. ????????????

Remain Vigilant, Stay Protected! ????️????????

Amidst the sea of cyber threats, maintaining vigilance is paramount. By exercising caution and adopting robust cybersecurity practices, individuals and organisations can thwart malicious actors’ schemes and safeguard their digital assets. Let’s stay informed, stay alert, and stay protected in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber warfare. ????️????????

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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Python-based Snake ???? Isn’t that just a python? ????

???? Beware: Snake in the Facebook Garden! ????????

Threat actors are leveraging Facebook messages to propagate a Python-based information stealer known as Snake, wreaking havoc by pilfering credentials and sensitive data. ????????????️

Covert Campaign Unveiled ????????️‍♂️????

The insidious scheme was first unveiled on social media in August 2023. Unsuspecting users are targeted with seemingly innocuous RAR or ZIP archives, which, when opened, trigger a nefarious infection sequence. ????????????

The Snake Uncoils ????????????️

Snake operates in stealth mode, employing two downloaders – a batch script and a cmd script – to fetch the information stealer from an actor-controlled GitLab repository. Designed with sophistication, Snake boasts multiple variants, with one variant assembled using PyInstaller. It meticulously targets data from various web browsers, including the Vietnamese-centric Cốc Cốc Browser, hinting at a regional focus. ????️????️‍♂️????

Vietnamese Connection Unveiled ????????

The threat landscape is further compounded by the discovery of Snake’s ties to Vietnam, evident in its targeting of the Vietnamese browser and Vietnamese-language references in the source code. ????????️‍♂️????

Cybersecurity Call to Arms ????️????????

As cyber threats proliferate, the need for robust cybersecurity measures is more pressing than ever. With information stealers like Snake lurking in the shadows, vigilance and proactive defence are paramount to safeguarding digital assets and thwarting malicious actors’ advances. Let’s stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay protected in the face of evolving cyber threats. ????️????????

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