Bosch thermostats, Rexroth nutrunners w/ high-severity flaws

Jan 16 2024

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 Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ????️ Bosch thermostats, Rexroth nutrunners w/ high-severity flaws ????

  • ???? UPDATE! Russia may not be behind Denmark cyberattacks ????

  • ⚠️ MyFlaw lets hackers run anything on your computer via Opera ???? 

Hackers will be like bish bash Bosch ????‍????????????

???? Security lert: Bosch and Rexroth Devices Vulnerable!

???? Multiple security flaws found in Bosch BCC100 thermostats and Rexroth NXA015S-36V-B smart nutrunners could expose systems to potential code execution! ????

???? Discovered by Bitdefender, a Romanian cybersecurity firm, the Bosch BCC100 thermostat flaw (CVE-2023-49722, CVSS 8.3) allows unauthorised access via an open port 8899, enabling attackers to manipulate device firmware. Bosch has fixed this in firmware v4.13.33 by closing the port.

???? Meanwhile, Rexroth NXA015S-36V-B faces over two dozen vulnerabilities, posing risks of disrupting operations, compromising safety, and even ransomware attacks. Nozomi Networks warns that an attacker could compromise product safety or demand ransom by disabling the torque wrench.

???? Action Required: Bosch plans to release patches by end-January 2024. Until then, users are urged to limit network accessibility and review login accounts. ????️

???? This follows Pentagrid's discovery of vulnerabilities in Lantronix EDS-MD IoT gateways, emphasising the growing importance of IoT device security.

Stay vigilant, and update your devices promptly! ????????️

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Well, that’s what you get for Russian to conclusions ????

???? Denmark's Energy Sector Cyber Attacks – Sandworm Group Unlikely Involved! ????

???? Recent findings reveal surprising twists in the cyber attacks on Denmark's energy sector last year, challenging initial suspicions of involvement by the Russia-linked Sandworm hacking group (which we covered in November – 2nd story down). ????️‍♂️

???? Attack Overview:

  • 22 Danish energy organisations targeted in two waves.

  •  Wave 1 exploited the Zyxel firewall flaw (CVE-2023-28771).

  • Wave 2 involved Mirai botnet variants via an unknown access vector.

Noteworthy: May 24 attack communicated with IPs linked to the dismantled Cyclops Blink botnet.

???? Key Findings:

  • The two waves were unrelated.

  • Unlikely the work of a state-sponsored group.

  • Second wave part of a broader mass exploitation against unpatched Zyxel firewalls.

  • Attack campaign named "Clearing the Fog of War"

???? Timeline Insights:

  • Attacks started as early as Feb 16, using known flaws in Zyxel devices (CVE-2020-9054, CVE-2022-30525).

  • Continued until Oct 2023, targeting entities across Europe and the U.S.

???? Security Implications:

  • Ongoing exploitation (CVE-2023-27881) indicates a broader threat beyond Danish critical infrastructure.

  • Targets include exposed devices, particularly Zyxel firewalls safeguarding critical infrastructure organisations.

????️ Recommended Actions:

  • Stay vigilant and update systems promptly.

  • Enhanced cybersecurity measures may be required. ????????

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New hack sure to leave jaws on the Flaw ????????????

???? Alert: Security Flaw in Opera Browser – "MyFlaw" Vulnerability Revealed! ????

Cybersecurity researchers have exposed a critical security flaw in the Opera web browser for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, posing a potential threat to user data and system integrity.

The vulnerability, codenamed "MyFlaw" by Guardio Labs, utilises the "My Flow" feature, designed for syncing messages and files between mobile and desktop devices.

???? Key Details:

  • Exploitation could lead to the execution of any file on the underlying operating system.

  • My Flow feature, facilitated by a controlled browser extension, bypasses the browser's sandbox and process.

  • Vulnerability impacts both Opera and Opera GX browsers.

  • Responsible disclosure on November 17, 2023, and addressed through updates on November 22, 2023.

???? Attack Vector Analysis:

  • My Flow's chat-like interface allows file exchanges with a web interface.

  • The flaw lies in the extension "Opera Touch Background" and its manifest file permissions.

  • Domains (*, controlled by the browser vendor expose messaging API.

???? Complexity Unveiled:

  • Guardio Labs unearthed a forgotten, vulnerable version of My Flow on ""

  • Lack of content security policy and an insecure script tag create a code injection risk.

  • Exploitation involves a specially crafted extension masquerading as a mobile device.

???? Mitigation and Response:

  • Opera swiftly addressed the issue and implemented fixes on the server side.

  • The company emphasises the importance of ongoing efforts to enhance browser security.

???? Opera's Response:

  • Opera expresses gratitude to Guardio Labs for uncovering the vulnerability.

  • Assures users that corrective measures have been taken to prevent future occurrences.

  • Acknowledges the need for internal design changes and improvements in Chromium's infrastructure.

????️ Stay Secure:

  • Users are urged to update their Opera browsers to the latest version promptly.

  • Browser-based attacks underscore the evolving threat landscape, emphasising the need for continuous vigilance. ????????

That’s all for today, folks! ???? Stay safe and don’t let the bedbugs byte ????

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