Brazilian police bust lucrative Grandoreiro malware, arrests galore

Jan 31 2024

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  • ???? Brazilian police bust lucrative Grandoreiro malware, arrests galore ????

  • ???? Italian watchdog makes ChatGPT an offer they can’t refuse re snooping ????

  • ???? 1.8 terabytes of Indians’ mobile data for sale on the dark web for rupees ????

Mucho Grandiniro ????????????


???? Breaking News: Brazilian Police Bust Grandoreiro Banking Trojan Operation! ????

In a major cybersecurity win, the Federal Police of Brazil nabbed several operators behind the notorious Grandoreiro malware, targeting Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina since 2017. ????????

ESET, a Slovak cybersecurity firm, joined forces, exposing a network protocol flaw in Grandoreiro, unveiling victimology patterns. ????️‍♂️????

The malware, capable of data theft via keyloggers and overlays, was recently updated in a phishing campaign affecting Mexico and Spain. ????????

Grandoreiro’s cunning tactics involve monitoring web browsers, sending requests to command-and-control servers when a bank-related window is detected. ????️‍♀️????

Using a domain generation algorithm since October 2020, the threat actors cleverly avoid detection by dynamically identifying C&C domains. ????????

ESET discovered flaws in Grandoreiro’s RealThinClient (RTC) protocol, exposing details on connected victims — 551 daily on average in Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. ????????

The Federal Police of Brazil targeted high-ranking Grandoreiro operators, disrupting their hierarchy. ????????

Stay vigilant against cyber threats, and remember: together, we can make the internet a safer place! ????????

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???? Privacy Alert: OpenAI Faces GDPR Violation Claims from Italian Watchdog! ????

Italy’s data protection authority, Garante, has accused OpenAI of breaching EU GDPR regulations, citing concerns about personal data collection and age protections. ????????

Following a 10-month investigation, Garante uncovered undisclosed transgressions, prompting OpenAI to respond within 30 days. The allegations involve potential exposure of sensitive information and inappropriate content generation for younger users. ????????

Notably, ChatGPT’s temporary ban in Italy led to privacy controls, including an opt-out form, reinstating access in April 2023. However, recent reports suggest data leaks and privacy concerns persist. ????️‍♂️????

Ars Technica revealed private conversations, including login credentials, leaking from ChatGPT. Similar incidents with Google’s Bard chatbot raise broader questions about AI tools’ data handling. ????️????

OpenAI insists its practices align with GDPR and privacy laws, emphasising data protection measures. Amidst this, Apple expresses deep concern about proposed U.K. legislation, warning against government overreach impacting user privacy. ????????

As the digital landscape evolves, user privacy remains a critical concern, prompting a delicate balance between innovation and safeguarding personal information. ???????? #PrivacyConcerns #GDPRViolation #TechAlert ????

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Bollywood you believe it ????????????

???????? Massive Data Breach Exposes 750 Million Indians: Largest-Ever Breach Hits 85% of Population! ????????

Indian cybersecurity firm CloudSEK uncovers the largest-ever data breach, affecting 85% of India’s population. ????????????

The breached database holds personal records of 750 million Indians, including names, mobile numbers, addresses, and Aadhaar card numbers, posing a severe threat to privacy and data security. ????????

The breach extends beyond India, affecting mobile network subscribers worldwide, highlighting significant privacy concerns. ????????

CloudSEK warns of identity theft, financial fraud, and cybercrime risks, especially for Indian users due to the exposure of Aadhaar identification numbers. ????????

The compromised data, compressed to 600GB, is being sold on Telegram and Breach Forums, attracting interest from notorious cybercrime groups, including CYBO CREW-affiliated CyboDevil and UNIT8200, with a $3,000 price tag. ????????️‍♂️

The source of the breach remains unclear, with the threat actor claiming to obtain it through undisclosed law enforcement channels, raising questions about data origin. ????????

CloudSEK emphasises the need for telecom providers and the government to proactively identify security vulnerabilities. Users are urged to change passwords, stay vigilant against phishing, monitor accounts, and report suspicious activity. ????????

CloudSEK has responsibly notified affected parties and relevant authorities about the breach, underlining the importance of collaborative efforts to address the unprecedented scale of this cyber threat. ????????

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