Breaking News: Airbus Launches Investigation into Cyberattack! ????️????

Sep 18 2023

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Welcome to Gone Phishing, your daily cybersecurity newsletter that views cyber criminals with the same unmitigated disdain that the old legacy mainstream media views anyone who tells the truth and has an audience ????????????

  • ✈️ Airbus investigates breach after hacker leaks docs on crime forum ????

  • ???? Russian journalist & critic of the government’s iPhone hacked. Shock! ????

  • ️???? Prison Break! Butler County suffers breach tied to jail employee email ????

Airbusted ✈️????‍????????

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???? Breaking News: Airbus Launches Investigation into Cyberattack! ????️????

Airbus, the renowned French aerospace giant, is in the midst of a cybersecurity storm following a recent cyberattack. ????????

Here's what you need to know:

???? The Hack

A hacker, known as 'USDoD,' announced on a cybercrime forum that they had successfully infiltrated Airbus systems. This same hacker had previously claimed to breach the FBI's InfraGard database. ????????

???? The Breach

The hacker obtained personal data of 3,200 individuals linked to Airbus vendors, including Rockwell Collins and Thales. The stolen information includes names, job titles, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. ????????????

????️‍♂️ The Entry Point

The attacker gained access through a compromised account from a Turkish airline employee. Airbus confirmed this as the attack vector. ????????

???? The Malware

It was revealed that malware played a significant role. The hacker used the RedLine malware, likely infecting the airline employee's device when they downloaded a pirated version of .NET. ????????

????️ The Warning

Cybersecurity experts warn that info-stealer infections are becoming a prevalent initial attack method, leading to data breaches and ransomware attacks. Hudson Rock, a cyber intelligence firm, closely monitors such threats. ????‍????????

???? Airbus Responds

Airbus has launched an investigation and swiftly implemented security measures to protect its systems. They clarified that the compromised account was used for downloading business documents related to a specific customer. ✈️????

Stay tuned for updates on this evolving situation as Airbus works to secure its digital airspace! ????????

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Good on her for Putin up a fight ???? 

???? Dw, if she’s in any danger, the West will come Russian to her aid ????

So, a Russian Journalist's iPhone Hacked with Pegasus Spyware ????????

Indeed, a shocking revelation has emerged from a collaborative investigation by Access Now and the Citizen Lab: Galina Timchenko, a prominent Russian journalist and owner of independent news publication Meduza, fell victim to a Pegasus spyware attack. ????

Here's what you need to know:

????️‍♂️ The Attack

Timchenko's iPhone was compromised with Pegasus spyware around February 10, 2023, but the perpetrator remains unknown. ????????

???? Location

During the infection, her device was traced to Berlin, Germany, as she prepared to meet other exiled Russian media leaders to discuss countering threats and censorship by Putin's regime. ????????????

????️ Zero-Click Exploit

The breach was facilitated by a zero-click exploit called PWNYOURHOME, exploiting iOS' HomeKit and iMessage to bypass security measures. ????????

???? First Russian Target

This marks the first documented case of Pegasus targeting a Russian individual. Pegasus, developed by NSO Group in Israel, is a powerful spying tool used to gather sensitive information. ????????️

???? Immediate Concerns

Timchenko received a threat notification from Apple on June 23, 2023, warning of state-sponsored attacks on her iPhone. ????????

???? Global Impact

Pegasus has a history of misuse to spy on civil society members, prompting calls for a moratorium on spyware technology by organizations like the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). ????????

???? Protect Yourself

To stay safe, users are advised to activate Lockdown Mode on iPhones, especially if they are at risk of spyware attacks. ????????

Stay vigilant as technology and security issues continue to evolve! ???? #PegasusSpyware

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Every inbox in the whole cell block ????????????

Was leaking from the jailhouse hack ????

???? Security Alert in Butler County ????????

Last month, Butler County faced a cybersecurity incident that may have compromised certain information security.

On August 8th, county officials discovered that an unauthorised actor was using a County jail email account to send spam emails. Immediate action was taken to secure the account. ????️????

A renowned digital forensics team was brought in for further investigation. Subsequently, it was determined that an unauthorised party briefly accessed a County employee's email and copied its contents.

Some personally identifiable information was affected, and affected individuals will receive written notifications. ????????????

Good news! ????

No evidence suggests the release or sale of County-held personal information on the dark web. The County remains vigilant, enhancing email security, and advises potentially affected individuals to monitor financial accounts and credit reports.

Stay safe! ????????????

So long and thanks for reading all the phish!

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