‘Chameleon’ Android banking trojan can bypass biometric auth

Dec 25 2023

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Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ???? ‘Chameleon’ Android banking trojan can bypass biometric auth ????

  • ???? Predator spyware is back and this time it’s reboot-proof in Android ????

  • ⚠️ Microsoft warns of FalseFont backdoor targeting the defence sector ????‍????

Karma karma karma karma karma Chameleon, Trojan and go, Trojan and go ????????????

???? Security Alert: Chameleon Banking Trojan Strikes Again! ????

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered an upgraded version of the Android banking malware, Chameleon, now targeting users in the U.K. and Italy. This evolved variant excels in Device Takeover (DTO), expanding its reach beyond Australia and Poland.

????️ How Does it Work?

Chameleon abuses Android's accessibility service, harvesting sensitive data and conducting overlay attacks. Initially found on phishing pages impersonating institutions, the malware is now delivered through Zombinder, a dropper service resurfaced last month.

????️ Protection Measures

Google Play Protect defends against Chameleon, but users are urged to stay vigilant. The malware tricks users into enabling accessibility services, especially on Android 13 or later. It now disrupts biometric operations using Android APIs, transitioning lock screens to PIN.

???? Evolution of Threats

The Chameleon's resurgence highlights the dynamic Android threat landscape. Google notes increased resilience and advanced features, reflecting a broader trend of 29 malware families targeting 1,800 banking apps globally over the past year.

???? Top Targets

Traditional banking apps remain prime targets, with the U.S., U.K., and Italy leading. Notable apps include Bank of America, Barclays, and Binance. The evolving landscape includes new threats like Nexus, Godfather, and PixBankBot.

???? Stay Safe

Regularly update your device, use reputable security apps, and avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources. Be cautious of unexpected requests for accessibility settings.

Remember, awareness is the key to a safer digital experience! ????️????

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Where’s Alien when you need him, eh? ????????????

???? Insider Intel: Predator Spyware's Evolution! ????️‍♂️

Cisco Talos researchers have unveiled a surprising update on the Predator spyware, revealing a new "add-on feature" that allows it to persist between reboots. This capability, previously absent in 2021, is now offered based on customer licensing options, showcasing the spyware's adaptability.

???? Intellexa Alliance's Creation

Predator, born from the Intellexa Alliance consortium, includes entities like Cytrox and Nexa Technologies. Notably, both Cytrox and Intellexa faced U.S. sanctions in July 2023 for "trafficking in cyber exploits." Predator's seamless functioning relies on its symbiotic relationship with the loader component Alien.

???? Pricing and Accessibility

Operating as a "remote mobile extraction system," Predator targets Android and iOS with a licensing model in the millions. This hefty price tag keeps it out of reach for novice criminals, emphasising its sophistication.

???? Adapting to Security Measures

As Apple and Google tighten security, spywares like Predator and Pegasus adapt by seeking zero-day exploits. However, Intellexa's unique approach involves offloading attack infrastructure setup to customers, providing plausible deniability.

???? Global Operations

Intellexa maintains geographical restrictions tied to licences, with customers operating within a specific country code prefix. Yet, for an extra fee, this constraint can be loosened.

???? The Need for Transparency

Despite public exposure, offensive actors like Intellexa continue to thrive globally. Researchers emphasise the importance of public disclosures, enabling scrutiny and driving detection efforts, ultimately imposing development costs on spyware vendors.

????️ Stay Informed, Stay Secure! Keep up with the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. ????????

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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Microsoft says: Font be fooled ????????????

???? Iranian Actor Targets Defense Sector with 'FalseFont' Backdoor! ????

In the ongoing saga of cybersecurity, Microsoft has identified a new danger – an Iranian threat actor aiming at the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) sector. This campaign introduces a never-seen-before backdoor named 'FalseFont.'

???? FalseFont Backdoor Unveiled

Microsoft's Threat Intelligence team reveals that FalseFont is a custom backdoor armed with diverse functionalities, granting remote access, file launches, and data transmission to its command-and-control servers. The first sighting dates back to November 2023.

???? Peach Sandstorm Strikes Again

Microsoft associates this campaign with Peach Sandstorm (AP33, Elfin), noting its evolution in threat actor tradecraft.

The group was previously linked to password spray attacks targeting satellite, defence, and pharmaceutical sectors globally.

Peach Sandstorm, with roots traced back to 2013, continues its mission to gather intelligence supporting Iranian state interests.

???? Phishing Alert

As tensions rise, the Israel National Cyber Directorate accuses Iran and Hezbollah of unsuccessful attempts to target Ziv Hospital. Meanwhile, a phishing campaign leverages a fake advisory to deliver wiper malware, exploiting a critical F5 BIG-IP flaw.

????️ Stay Vigilant

Cyber threats persist, but awareness is our best defence. Regularly update systems, employ robust security measures, and remain cautious of phishing attempts.

???? Keep Watch for Further Updates! Cybersecurity remains a collective effort. ????????

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