Crypto Crime Alert! North Korea-Linked Group Laundered $7 Billion! ????

Oct 09 2023

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Welcome to Gone Phishing, your daily cybersecurity newsletter that won’t let you down in the never ending fight against cybercrime like Israel’s Iron Dome in the never ending fight for/against… Umm we’ll get back to you on that ???? In all seriousness, #PrayforIsrael ????????????

Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ⚰️ Lazarus Group rises. N. Korea’s finest launders $900m in crypto ????

  • ⚡ Semiconductor firms hit with Cobalt Strike by Chinese hackers ????‍????

  • ☠️ Cybercrime gangs are dropping ransomware within 24 hours of hack ⏰

Lazarus returns. Why not? They’re Korea criminals! ????????????

???? Crypto Crime Alert! North Korea-Linked Group Laundered $7 Billion! ????

In a shocking revelation, a staggering $7 billion in cryptocurrency has been laundered through cross-chain crimes, and the infamous North Korea-linked Lazarus Group is responsible for nearly $900 million of those ill-gotten gains from July 2022 to July this year. ????????

???? What’s Cross-Chain Crime? It’s the sneaky act of converting crypto assets from one blockchain to another, making it super tricky to trace the money’s origins. ????????

???? According to blockchain experts at Elliptic, the Lazarus Group’s use of cross-chain bridges has skyrocketed the use of this technique, resulting in a whopping 111% increase in funds sent via such services. ????????

???? The group has been on a hacking spree since June 2023, targeting various crypto platforms and making off with a whopping $240 million. ????????

???? But that’s not all! The Lazarus Group is a versatile threat actor, known for cyber espionage, cyber sabotage, and chasing financial gains. They’re even using “chain-hopping” to launder their loot. ????????

???? Meanwhile, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) warns of North Korea’s cyber attacks on its shipbuilding sector, using tactics like phishing emails and infecting IT maintenance company PCs. Be vigilant, folks! ????????️

Stay safe in the crypto world, and keep an eye out for these sneaky cyber criminals! ????????


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Chinese Hacker: I’ve got a Semi ????????????

???? Cybersecurity Alert: East Asia Semiconductor Firms Targeted! ????️????

???? Threat actors have been caught red-handed, targeting semiconductor companies in East Asia. They’re posing as the renowned Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and using this disguise to deliver malicious Cobalt Strike beacons. ????????

???? How Do They Do It? These cybercriminals use a backdoor named HyperBro, then deploy attack simulation software and post-exploitation tools. They’ve also tried sneaky tactics like using an undisclosed malware downloader to launch Cobalt Strike, proving they’re quite clever. ????️‍♂️????

☭ China Connection? Dutch cybersecurity experts from EclecticIQ believe this campaign is linked to China due to the use of HyperBro, a tool previously associated with the Lucky Mouse threat actor. ????

????️‍♂️ More Connections: There are tactical overlaps with another group called RedHotel and another named Earth Lusca. Seems like these cyber villains are well-connected. ????

???? How They Trick You: They use a fake TSMC-themed PDF document as a decoy after infecting your system with HyperBro. Crafty, right? ????

????️ Avoiding Detection: To dodge detection, the Cobalt Strike beacon’s server address is disguised as a legitimate jQuery CDN, sneaking past firewall defences. ????????

???? Global Impact: Meanwhile, Belgium is also on high alert for possible spying and interference activities by Chinese entities, including Alibaba, at Liège cargo airport. China’s influence is spreading far and wide. ????️

⚠️ U.S. Warning: The U.S. Department of Defense warns that China poses a significant cyber espionage threat, stealing tech secrets and compromising critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity is more crucial than ever! ????

Stay vigilant, folks! Protect your systems, and be cautious of suspicious emails and documents. ????️????

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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Hackers: What a difference a day makes… 24 little hours ????

Jennifer Aniston Taking Control GIF by Apple TV+


Gif by AppleTV on Giphy


???? Ransomware Attacks Strike Faster Than Ever! ⚡????

A new threat report from cybersecurity company Secureworks reveals that cybercriminals are now deploying ransomware within a mere 24 hours after hacking into their victims’ systems. ????????

Last year, it took them an average of 4.5 days to initiate ransomware attacks, but this has dramatically decreased. Secureworks warns that 2023 could be the year with the highest number of ransomware attacks ever recorded. ????????

In May 2023, there were three times more victims listed on leak sites compared to the same month the previous year, indicating the scale of the problem. However, these leak sites only represent a fraction of the actual victims known to law enforcement. ????????

The report advises caution when using leak site data but emphasises that ransomware and data theft extortion remain a significant threat to businesses. ????????

Secureworks also found that in over 50% of cases, cybercriminals managed to execute their ransomware within just 24 hours of infiltrating a victim’s network. The median dwell time has sharply dropped from 4.5 days to much shorter intervals, with some ransomware attacks happening within just five hours of initial access. ⏳????

This trend is driven by cybercriminals seeking to reduce their chances of detection. The cybersecurity industry has become better at spotting precursor activities to ransomware attacks.

As a result, threat actors are opting for quicker and simpler operations, though the risk remains substantial. Stay vigilant, and protect your systems! ????️????

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