Crypto-hackers steal $1m in 3 weeks

Sep 21 2023

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  • ????‍???? Crypto-hackers steal $1m in 3 weeks with ‘Pig Butchering’ scam ????

  • ???? Metaverse poses privacy risks for users. Lucky no one’s using it ????

  • ???? Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s X hacked to promote crypto scam ????

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Hackers: Yoink! What a squeal! ????????????

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???? Crypto Scam Alert! ???? Malicious Scammers Swipe $1M+ in 3 Months! ????

Researchers from Sophos have uncovered a shocking crypto scam that has robbed victims of over $1 million in just three months! ???? Here’s what you need to know:

???? Sophisticated Operation: These scammers operated with finesse, using 14 domains and numerous fake websites. ????

???? DeFi Deception: The culprits tricked victims using fake trading pools of decentralised finance (DeFi) crypto apps. ???? One victim lost a whopping $22,000 in just a week!

???? Pig Butchers at Work: These fraudsters set up bogus liquidity pools, a kind of crypto trading scheme, to syphon off users’ funds. ????

???? Heartbreaking Tale: Meet ‘Frank,’ who fell victim to an online dating scam orchestrated by the scammers. ????

???? Sophos Steps In: Frank reached out to Sophos after losing his hard-earned money. ????

????️‍♂️ No Malware Needed: Shockingly, the scammers didn’t use any malware. They relied on social engineering tactics! ????

???? Warning Signs: Sean Gallagher, a Sophos expert, advises caution if someone you don’t know on dating apps suddenly talks crypto investments. ????

???? Growing Threat: Pig butchering scams are on the rise, with over 500 fake liquidity pool sites spotted. ????

???? Stay Safe: Don’t trust strangers pushing crypto investments. Be cautious on dating apps and social media. ????

???? Collaboration: Sophos has teamed up with Chainalysis and Coinbase to investigate these scams further. ????

Stay vigilant, and protect your hard-earned cash! ???? Don’t fall for the crypto con! ????????


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Metaverses privacy ???? geddit?

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???? Metaverse Privacy Alert! Protect Your Data in the Virtual World! ????

A recent report from New York University warns that the booming metaverse could jeopardise your privacy if strong regulations aren’t put in place. Here’s what you need to know:

???? Metaverse Tech: The metaverse relies on extended reality (XR) technologies, like augmented reality and virtual reality. However, these technologies need to collect tons of personal data, posing a massive privacy risk.

???? Data Dangers: XR gadgets continuously track user data, including head and eye movements. Over time, this data can reveal sensitive info about you, both physically and mentally.

???? Big Players: Tech giants like Meta and Microsoft, hardware makers like Nvidia, and game developers like Epic Games are diving into the metaverse.

???? Privacy Best Practices: The report recommends companies establish clear privacy, safety, and cybersecurity standards before launching their products. They should also be transparent about how their tech affects your privacy.

⚡ User Control: Users should have control over their data. Companies should delete unnecessary bodily data and offer options to limit privacy risks.

???? Legal Protections: The report suggests Congress pass a comprehensive privacy law to safeguard against body-based data profiling. The current American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is a good start, but it needs updates to address these concerns.

????️ Legislation Update: The House Energy and Commerce Committee is working on an updated ADPPA version. It must consider the harm of body-based data use, enhance notice and consent standards, and prohibit bodily data for psychographic profiling.

Stay informed and protect your privacy as you step into the metaverse! ????????

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$700k lost to the ETHER ????


In a shocking incident, Vitalik Buterin’s official Twitter account was hacked, resulting in the loss of over $690,000, including valuable NFTs. Here’s what happened:

???? The Hack: A hacker gained access to Buterin’s Twitter and posted about a fake NFT giveaway. The post contained a malicious URL that stole funds from users who connected their wallets.

???? NFT Scam: Buterin’s tweet promised commemorative NFTs from ConsenSys, enticing users to connect their wallets for a chance to double their assets. Unfortunately, it was a classic giveaway scam, and users lost all their funds.

???? Shocking Loss: This incident has stunned the crypto community because Buterin is known for his blockchain expertise. He blamed Twitter’s weak OTP authentication for the hack.

???? Security Reminder: It’s a stark reminder of the importance of security, even for high-profile figures. Two-factor authentication (2FA) may not always be enough.

???? Vitalik’s Father Confirms: Dmitriy Buterin, Vitalik’s father, confirmed the hack and urged followers to ignore the post. Vitalik is working on restoring access.

???? SIM Swapping Suspected: While some believe it could be a SIM swapping attack, others suggest insider involvement due to Vitalik’s prominence.

???? Substantial Losses: The hacker made over $147,000 in just an hour, causing collective losses of $691,000. The extent of affected users remains unclear.

Stay vigilant and prioritise security in the crypto world! ????????

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