Cybersecurity Alert: Sapphire Sleet Unleashes New Tactics! 🚨

Nov 13 2023

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Welcome to Gone Phishing, your daily cybersecurity newsletter that battles more cybercrime than the UK battles storms. #Babet #Ciaran #Debi πŸ™„πŸ˜³πŸ˜© Geez do we have to name Every. Single. One? πŸ™ƒ #ClimateCrisis πŸ€“

Today’s hottest cybersecurity news

  • ⚠️ Job seekers beware! β€˜Sapphire Sleet’ fakes skills assessment portals πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

  • πŸ‰ Enter the Sandworm! Russian hackers cause Ukrainian power outage ⚑

  • 🐈 Meow! Iranian β€˜Imperial Kitten’ hackers target Middle Eastern tech πŸ“‘

β€œYou’re Sapphired!” πŸ‘‰πŸ•΄οΈπŸ˜‚ #TheApprentice

🚨 Cybersecurity Alert: Sapphire Sleet Unleashes New Tactics! 🚨

🌐 Brace yourselves for a cybersecurity showdown! The notorious Lazarus Group's sub-cluster, Sapphire Sleet, has upped the ante by deploying a fresh strategy.

They've established deceptive skills assessment portals, a clever ploy in their latest social engineering campaigns. This shift in tactics, as identified by Microsoft, demands our attention. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

🦎 Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon πŸ‘€

πŸ‘Ύ Operating under aliases such as APT38, BlueNoroff, CageyChameleon, and CryptoCore, Sapphire Sleet specialises in cryptocurrency theft through cunning social engineering tactics. Their track record speaks volumes. πŸ›‘οΈ

🍏 Recent findings by Jamf Threat Labs uncovered a connection between Sapphire Sleet and a new macOS malware named ObjCShellz. This malware acts as a late-stage payload, working hand-in-hand with another macOS threat, RustBucket.

😑 Bloody jobsworths! πŸ€“

πŸ’Ό Targeting prominent professional platforms like LinkedIn, Sapphire Sleet baits victims with promises of skills assessment. Microsoft's Threat Intelligence team revealed that successful communications are discreetly moved to other platforms, complicating detection efforts.

πŸ” In a bid to outsmart cybersecurity measures, Sapphire Sleet has expanded its network of malicious websites. Recruiters are lured into registering on these sites, which are cunningly password-protected to impede analysis.

🚫 Stay vigilant! Exercise caution with unsolicited communications and dubious skills assessment portals. Keep your cybersecurity shields up, and let's stay one step ahead of Sapphire Sleet! πŸ’»πŸ›‘οΈ

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The early nerd catches the Sandworm πŸ™ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

πŸš€ Sandworm's Cyber Siege on Ukraine! Power Grid Hit in Multi-Event Attack! ⚑

Last year, the notorious Russian hacking group, Sandworm, aimed its digital arsenal at a critical Ukrainian electrical substation, resulting in a significant power outage in October 2022. πŸ’»

Revelations by Google's Mandiant describe the assault as a "multi-event cyber attack," with Sandworm employing innovative techniques to manipulate industrial control systems (ICS). The initial strike used OT-level living-off-the-land (LotL) methods, coinciding with widespread missile strikes on Ukraine's critical infrastructure. πŸ˜±πŸ’‘

🎸 Enter Sandworm 🀘

In a cunning follow-up, Sandworm unleashed chaos by deploying a new variant of CaddyWiper in the victim's IT environment, adding a layer of complexity to the attack. πŸŒ€πŸ’₯

Crucial details like the location, duration of the blackout, and the number affected remain shrouded in secrecy. Sandworm's disruptive history in Ukraine's power grid traces back to 2015, employing malware such as Industroyer. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ”Œ

🎢 Let’s get cyber-physical, physical πŸ’€

While the initial vector for the cyber-physical assault remains unclear, the intrusion likely occurred around June 2022. Sandworm infiltrated the operational technology (OT) environment through a hypervisor housing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) management.

On October 10, 2022, an optical disc loaded with malware triggered an unscheduled power outage. βš‘πŸ“€

This alarming attack coincided with a series of missile strikes, underscoring Sandworm's immediate threat to Ukrainian critical infrastructure. Mandiant urgently calls on global asset owners utilising MicroSCADA products to fortify defences against Sandworm's evolving tactics. πŸ›‘οΈπŸŒ

🎣 Catch of the Day!! 🌊🐟🦞

πŸƒΒ The Motley Fool: β€œFool me once, shame on β€” shame on you. Fool me β€” you can't get fooled again.” Good ol’ George Dubya πŸ˜‚ Let us tell who’s not fooling around though; that’s the CrΓΌe πŸ‘€ at Motley Fool. You’d be a fool (alright, enough already! πŸ™ˆ) not to check out their Share Tips from time to time so your savings can one day emerge from their cocoon as a beautiful butterfly! πŸ› Kidding aside, if you check out their website they’ve actually got a ton of great content with a wide variety of different investment ideas to suit most budgets πŸ€‘Β (LINK)

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🌊 Digital Ocean: If you build it they will come. Nope, we’re not talking about a baseball field for ghosts βšΎπŸ‘»πŸΏ (Great movie, to be fair πŸ™ˆ). This is the Digital Ocean who’ve got a really cool platform for building and hosting pretty much anything you can think of. If you check out their website you’ll find yourself catching the buzz even if you can’t code (guilty πŸ˜‘). But if you can and you’re looking for somewhere to test things out or launch something new or simply enhance what you’ve got, we’d recommend checking out their services fo’ sho πŸ˜‰ And how can you not love their slogan: Dream it. Build it. Grow it. Right on, brother! 🌿 (LINK)

They’re after the whole Kitten and kaboodle… of Middle Eastern tech 😏

🌐 Cybersecurity Alert: Iranian-Linked Group Strikes in the Middle East! 🚨

In October 2023, a group tied to Iran intensified cyber attacks on transportation, logistics, and technology sectors in the Middle East, including Israel, amid heightened cyber activity since the Israel-Hamas war onset. πŸ’»

Attributed by CrowdStrike to threat actor Imperial Kitten (aka Crimson Sandstorm, TA456, Tortoiseshell, Yellow Liderc), the attacks, ongoing since 2017, fulfil Iranian strategic intelligence needs linked to IRGC operations. Social engineering, job recruitment-themed content, and custom .NET-based implants characterise their modus operandi.

🎣 Iran’s Gone Phishing πŸ‘€

Attack chains utilise compromised Israeli-related websites for profiling visitors using bespoke JavaScript. Tactics include watering hole attacks, one-day exploits, stolen credentials, phishing, and targeting IT service providers. 🌐🎣

Phishing campaigns leverage macro-laced Excel docs to deploy a Python-based reverse shell, while post-exploitation involves lateral movement via tools like PAExec and NetScan.

πŸ€ I smell a RAT πŸ‘€

Remote access trojans (RATs) use Discord for command-and-control, with malware like IMAPLoader persisting as a Windows Service named Keyboard Service.

Microsoft notes Iranian cyber activity post-war as reactive and opportunistic, emphasising propaganda efforts. In parallel, revelations reveal a Hamas-affiliated threat actor, Arid Viper, targeting Arabic speakers with Android spyware SpyC23.

Stay vigilant against evolving cyber threats, folks! πŸ›‘οΈπŸ’» Until next time ✌️

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