Google Enhances Play Store Security with New Badge

Nov 06 2023

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Today’s hottest cybersecurity new stories:

  • ???? Google Play launches 'Independent Security Review' badge for apps ✅

  • ???? StripedFly malware sat undetected for 5 years, infects 1 million devices ????

  • ????‍???? 139 Okta customers incl 1Password & BeyondTrust affected by breach ⚠️

When it comes to cybercrime, Google doesn’t Play ????

???? Google Enhances Play Store Security with New Badge

Exciting news for Android users! Google is introducing a new "Independent security review" badge in the Play Store's Data safety section for apps that have undergone a Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) audit. ????️

????️ Improving cybersecurity

This initiative is all about improving cybersecurity. MASA allows app developers to have their apps independently validated against a global security standard, ensuring more transparency and empowering users to make informed choices before downloading apps. ????????

Nataliya Stanetsky from the Android Security and Privacy Team pointed out that this badge will be rolled out for VPN apps first because of the sensitive user data they handle.

???? One-stop shop for data

But here's the best part: Google wants the Data safety section to be your one-stop shop for app safety. It will provide details about the data collected, its purpose, and whether it's shared with third parties.

For developers, getting the security badge is as easy as working with one of the six Authorised Labs partners. They will test your app and, once it meets the requirements, you can proudly display the badge.

The entire process takes around 2-3 weeks, and Google wants you to know that while it doesn't guarantee an app is vulnerability-free, it signifies a commitment to user safety. Stay safe and enjoy your apps! ????????

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It’s was a StripedFly-on-the-wall for 5 years ????

???? Advanced Malware StripedFly: A 5-Year Silent Threat

Kaspersky has uncovered an astonishing malware strain, StripedFly, camouflaged as a cryptocurrency miner, which has been evading detection for over five years. ????

????️‍♀️ What's StripedFly?

StripedFly is a complex malware framework that targets both Linux and Windows systems. It exploits the EternalBlue SMBv1 vulnerability, infiltrating public systems and installing a malicious shellcode.

This code can download files from remote repositories and execute PowerShell scripts, with additional features for data harvesting and self-uninstallation.

???? How It Operates

Strikingly, StripedFly disguises its communication through the TOR network, utilising custom-built TOR clients. It's also capable of offloading encrypted components to code repositories like Bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab to avoid detection.

???? Persistence & Propagation

Once inside a system, StripedFly disables SMBv1 and spreads to other machines through SMB and SSH, using keys gathered from compromised systems. It maintains persistence through various methods, depending on the operating system.

???? Cryptocurrency Mining Deception

StripedFly downloads a Monero cryptocurrency miner that leverages DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests to further conceal its activities. This miner acts as a decoy, diverting attention from its full capabilities.

???? Global Impact

This revelation comes in the wake of the EternalBlue exploit's repurposing by various hacking groups worldwide, such as North Korean and Russian actors, to spread malware like WannaCry and Petya.

???? Chinese Connection

There's evidence that Chinese hacking groups may have had early access to Equation Group exploits. The coding style and practices of StripedFly resemble those seen in other cyber espionage platforms used by U.S.-linked adversaries.

Stay vigilant, and keep your devices updated and secure. ????️????

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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“BeyondTrust” to customers: erm, well this is awkward ????

???? Okta Security Breach: 134 Customers Affected

Identity and authentication management provider Okta recently disclosed that an unauthorised intruder breached its support case management system, affecting 134 out of 18,400 customers. The breach occurred from September 28 to October 17, 2023.

???? Session Tokens Hijacked

The intruder accessed HAR files containing session tokens, which could be used for session hijacking attacks. This allowed them to hijack legitimate Okta sessions of five customers.

????️ Customers Impacted

Among the affected customers were 1Password, BeyondTrust, and Cloudflare. The breach was first reported by 1Password on September 29, with two other unnamed customers identified later.

????️ How the Breach Occurred

Okta revealed that a service account within its support system was abused. The credentials for this account were found in an employee's personal Google account, accessed through a Chrome web browser on an Okta-managed laptop.

????️ Actions Taken

Okta has revoked the session tokens, disabled the compromised service account, and blocked the use of personal Google profiles on enterprise versions of Google Chrome to prevent such incidents. They've also introduced session token binding based on network location as an enhanced security measure.

???? Stay Secure

It's a reminder to stay vigilant about cybersecurity, even with trusted providers. Ensure proper credential management and be cautious about personal accounts on work devices.

???? Data Exposure Incident

This security event follows another incident where personal information of Okta employees was exposed due to a breach of its healthcare coverage vendor.

Your security matters, so keep those defences strong! ????️

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