GPU Side-Channel attack lets malicious websites steal data

Sep 28 2023

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  • ???? GPU Side-Channel attack lets malicious websites steal data ????

  • ???? ‘AtlasCross’ hackers are using American Red Cross as phishing lure ????

  • ????‍???? Cyber-attacks on pension firms are up a whopping 4000% ????

GPU get what you pay for…

???? Breaking News: New Side-Channel Attack Threatens GPU Security! ????

Researchers from top US universities have unveiled a concerning discovery: almost all modern GPUs face a fresh threat, known as This sneaky attack exploits a hardware-based graphical data compression feature found in GPUs, compromising user data and online privacy. ????

???? How does work?

Unlike typical side-channel attacks, it doesn't require direct device access. Instead, malicious websites trick users into revealing sensitive info while browsing. Attackers can steal data, like usernames, from other open websites simultaneously. ????

???? Popular sites are at risk!

The researchers demonstrated this attack on Wikipedia, showing how it can swipe your username. But don't panic – it takes some time for the malicious site to get your info, around 30-215 minutes in their experiments. ⏱️

????️ How to protect yourself?

Developers should secure their websites against by preventing embedding by cross-origin sites. While the research was shared with tech giants like AMD, Apple, and Nvidia, no patches have been released as of September 2023.

???? Browser note affects Chrome, but Safari and Firefox are safe. Google is still deciding how to tackle the issue.

Stay safe online and keep an eye out for updates on this threat! ????️????

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AtlasCross your heart and hope to die ????

???? New Cyber Threat Alert: Meet 'AtlasCross' APT Group! ????

In a recent discovery, cybersecurity experts at NSFocus have unveiled a mysterious hacking group known as 'AtlasCross.' ????️‍♂️ This advanced persistent threat (APT) group is making waves by targeting organisations using sneaky phishing tactics impersonating the American Red Cross. ????

???? What makes AtlasCross unique?

NSFocus highlights their sophistication and elusiveness, making it challenging to trace their origins. They've displayed a different modus operandi compared to known attackers, from their attack methods to their objectives. ????

???? How do they strike?

AtlasCross initiates attacks with a clever ploy—a phishing email posing as an invite to the "September 2023 Blood Drive" by the American Red Cross. Attached is a macro-enabled Word document that, when enabled, releases the DangerAds and AtlasAgent malware onto Windows devices. ????

???? DangerAds acts as a loader, examining the host environment and executing specific code based on system details. Once in, it loads AtlasAgent, a custom C++ trojan with various functions, including data extraction, reverse shell access, and more. ????

???? Their motives and targets remain shrouded in mystery, but AtlasCross has managed to evade detection for an undisclosed period thanks to their selective targeting and discreet infection techniques.

Stay vigilant against phishing attempts, and keep an eye out for updates on this enigmatic threat! ????????

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Hackers retire too, you know? ????

???????? Financial Services Face Alarming Surge in Data Breaches! ????

Shocking stats reveal a whopping 4000% surge in data breaches reported by pension providers to the UK regulator in the past year, according to research by RPC, a professional services firm. ????

In 2021/22, the pension sector experienced just six cyber-attacks leading to data breaches. Fast forward to the next year, and that number skyrocketed to a staggering 246 incidents! ????

Notably, pension funds became the hardest-hit within the financial services industry. Overall, financial institutions saw a 242% increase in cyber-attacks causing breaches during the same period. ????

Why are pension funds targeted? ???? They're rich in valuable financial and personal information, making them prime targets for ransomware attacks. These attacks disrupt systems and threaten the timely payout of pensions. ????

Richard Breavington, RPC partner and head of cyber and tech insurance, emphasised that trustees could be held liable if they don't manage cyber risks properly. ????

But there's a silver lining: more firms are reporting incidents to the regulator, a positive sign of increased vigilance. Cybersecurity is a must, with the stakes high not only financially but also for reputation. ????️????

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