How Safe is your Organisation from Compromised Passwords

Sep 26 2023

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Welcome to Gone Phishing, your daily cybersecurity newsletter that’s got a 10-point lead on the cybercriminals like Trump on Biden ????????

Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ???? Compromised credentials: they’ll come back and bite you in the ass ????

  • ???? TikTok flooded w/ fake celebrity photo leak videos w/ Temu referral codes ????

  • ✈️ Honesty’s the best policy: Air Canada admits breach of employee records ????

You want compromise, how's this? Twenty years in the can I wanted manicott', but I compromised. I ate grilled cheese off the radiator instead ???? #Sopranos

???? Boosting Password Security: Protect Your Organisation!

Hey there, cyber warriors! ???? Are your organisation's passwords strong enough to fend off sneaky cyber attackers? ????‍♂️ Turns out, standard password rules might not be enough. ????

???? Beyond Complexity: Did you know that 83% of compromised passwords meet standard complexity requirements? ???? Bad actors are using billions of stolen credentials to sneak into accounts. ????️‍♀️

???? The Dark Web Market: Stolen passwords are hot commodities on the dark web. ???? Remember Dropbox and LinkedIn? Millions of passwords were up for grabs. ????

???? Credential Stuffing: This easy-peasy attack method is on the rise. ???? Attackers use automated tools to test stolen passwords everywhere. ????

???? Sophisticated Bots: Bots make it look like many people are trying to log in from different places. Sneaky, right? ????

???? Why It Matters: Once they're in, hackers can drain accounts, steal info, and cause chaos. ????

????️ Top Tips:

  • ⚔️ Defending Your Castle: Protect your users! Detect compromised passwords and act fast. ????

  • ???? Check Your Credentials: Over 15 billion stolen credentials lurk on the dark web. ???? Are yours there too? ????️

  • ???? Specops to the Rescue: Use Specops Password Auditor for a quick check of your passwords. ????️- Product Link

  • ???? Next-Level Protection: Upgrade to Specops Password Policy for robust security. Product Link

  • ???? Real-Time Alerts: Get notified ASAP if your passwords are compromised. ????

  • ????️ Stay Ahead: Prevent future attacks with continuous scans and real-time protection. ????

  • ???? Act Now: Run a free password vulnerability check today! ????

Don't wait for a breach—protect your organisation and users from the growing threat of credential stuffing. ????????

Alternatively there is a free consumer option : Google Password Checker

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TikMock ????

???? Beware: TikTok Scam Alert! ????

???? TikTok is buzzing with videos promoting fake celebrity photo leaks, all in the name of earning rewards from the online megastore, Temu. ????

???? What's Temu?: Temu offers millions of products at rock-bottom prices, mostly shipped from China. Opinions on the site are divided, with some crying "scam" and others snagging cheap goodies. ????

???? Referral Rewards: Temu lures customers with referral codes and links. Share them with friends and fam to earn store credit, freebies, or reward points. ????

???? Game On: Their rewards system lets you play games for more store credit, which you can cash in or use for shopping. ????

???? The Dark Twist: TikTok's darker side—scammers are tricking users with fake leaks of celebs like Olivia Rodrigo and Hailie Deegan. ????

???? The Scam: They claim sensitive pics have leaked, urging you to download Temu and enter their referral code. Don't fall for it! ????

???? Stay Alert: Fake leaks can lead to malware. If you spot such videos, steer clear of suspicious downloads. ????

???? No Response Yet: TikTok and Temu were contacted, but no word from them at time of writing. Stay safe, TikTokers! ????

Stay vigilant, TikTok fam! ???? Don't let scammers spoil the fun.

????️ Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

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Canada Airball ????????

???? Air Canada's Recent Security Incident: Here's What You Need to Know! ????

???? Air Canada, the largest airline in Canada, faced a cyber security incident recently. ????

???? What Happened: Hackers briefly accessed one of Air Canada's internal systems, snagging limited personal info of some employees and certain records. ???? Thankfully, customer data remained untouched.

✈️ Flight Operations Safe: Good news—flight operations and customer systems were not affected. Phew! ????

????‍♂️ Taking Action: Air Canada acted swiftly, contacting affected parties and law enforcement. They assured us that all systems are back to normal.

????️ Strengthening Security: The airline is ramping up its security measures with the help of global cyber security experts. They're committed to safeguarding our data in the future. ????

❓ Still a Mystery: Air Canada didn't spill the beans on what caused the incident. ????️‍♀️ They've chosen to keep mum about it.

???? Not the First Time: This isn't Air Canada's first cyber rodeo. Back in 2018, unauthorised access hit 20,000 mobile app users' profiles. As a precaution, they locked out 1.7 million mobile app accounts.

Stay cyber-aware, travellers! ✈️ Your data's in good hands as Air Canada amps up its security game. That’s what we like to hear, eh?

So long and thanks for reading all the phish!

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