???? Kremlin-backed ‘Forest Blizzard’ exploits MS Outlook flaw ????

Dec 06 2023

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Today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories: 

  • ???? Kremlin-backed ‘Forest Blizzard’ exploits MS Outlook flaw ????

  • ✈️ Enter AeroBlade, the espionage actor gunning for US airspace ????

  • ???? 15,000 Go Module repositories on GitHub open to ‘repojacking’ ????  

Batten down the h̶a̶t̶c̶h̶e̶s̶ patches ????, Forest Blizzard is coming ????

???? Microsoft Detects Kremlin-Backed Cyber Intrusion! ????

Microsoft announced the detection of Kremlin-backed nation-state activity exploiting a patched security flaw in Outlook, affecting Exchange servers.

???? The Vulnerability: CVE-2023-23397, a critical bug with a CVSS score of 9.8, allowed unauthorised access, posing a serious threat to user accounts.

????️‍♂️ Threat Actor: Attributed to Forest Blizzard (formerly Strontium), also known as APT28, BlueDelta, Fancy Bear, and others.

???? Intrusion Tactics: The goal was to gain unauthorised access to mailboxes, with adversaries modifying folder permissions for persistent access.

????️ Previous Exploits: Russia-based threat actors weaponized this flaw in zero-day attacks across government, transportation, energy, and military sectors in Europe since April 2022.

???? International Impact: APT28's activities expanded globally, with spear-phishing campaigns, webmail exploits, and WinRAR flaw abuse affecting organisations in France and Ukraine.

???? Ongoing Threat: Cybersecurity firm Proofpoint observed high-volume phishing campaigns leveraging vulnerabilities, emphasising the group's reliance on exploiting flaws for initial access.

???? Changing Tactics: Forest Blizzard continuously refines techniques, shifting from compiled malware to lighter-weight, credential-oriented access.

???? Outlook's Role: Microsoft Outlook's popularity in enterprise environments makes it a critical attack vector, introducing various cyber threats into organisations.

???? Global Concerns: Recent reports suggest breaches at the Sellafield nuclear waste site in the U.K. by hacking crews associated with Russia and China, deploying "sleeper malware" since 2015.

???? Government Response: The U.K. government denies evidence of successful state actor attacks on its networks.

???? Stay Vigilant: Ensure your systems are up to date and stay vigilant against evolving cyber threats! ????????️

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Move over Dyson Airblade, this is AeroBlade. Nope, not the badminton racket either… ????

???? New Cyber Espionage Threat Uncovered! ????

The BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence team has identified a new threat actor, AeroBlade, suspected to be involved in a cyber attack targeting a U.S. aerospace organisation. The origin remains unknown, and the success of the attack is uncertain.

???? Spear-Phishing Tactics: AeroBlade utilised spear-phishing, delivering a weaponized document via email with an embedded remote template injection technique and a malicious VBA macro code. The final payload execution is dependent on victim interaction.

⚙️ Intricate Attack Timeline: The network infrastructure went live in September 2022, and the offensive phase occurred nearly a year later in July 2023. The adversary enhanced their toolset for stealthiness during this time.

???? Phishing Email Insight: The initial attack in September 2022 began with a phishing email containing a Microsoft Word attachment. Victim interaction triggered remote template injection, leading to a next-stage payload execution.

???? Reverse Shell Deployment: The attack chain culminated in deploying a DLL functioning as a reverse shell, connecting to a command-and-control server. The attackers gathered system information, potentially for reconnaissance.

????️ Security Threat Warning: Dmitry Bestuzhev, senior director of cyber threat intelligence at BlackBerry, emphasised the severity of the threat posed by reverse shells, enabling attackers to take complete control of devices.

???? Obfuscated DLL Tactics: The heavily obfuscated DLL incorporates anti-analysis and anti-disassembly techniques, making detection challenging. It avoids execution in sandboxed environments, ensuring persistence via Task Scheduler.

???? Threat Actor Evolution: AeroBlade demonstrated significant effort between campaigns to develop resources, securing access to sought-after information and ensuring successful exfiltration.

Stay vigilant against evolving cyber threats! ????️????

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Repojacking?! Git to Hub ????

???? GitHub Repositories at Risk: 15,000+ Vulnerable to Repojacking! ????

New research reveals that over 15,000 Go module repositories on GitHub are susceptible to repojacking, a technique exploiting account changes for open-source software supply chain attacks.

???? Vulnerability Origins: Chief Technology Officer at VulnCheck, Jacob Baines, highlights that 9,000 repositories are vulnerable due to GitHub username changes, and 6,000 are at risk from account deletions, collectively accounting for 800,000 Go module-versions.

???? Understanding Repojacking: Repojacking, a blend of "repository" and "hijacking," allows bad actors to create a repository with the same name after account changes, staging supply chain attacks.

???? Go Modules Vulnerability: Go programming language modules face heightened vulnerability as they are decentralised, getting published to GitHub or Bitbucket. Anyone can register an unused username, duplicate a module repository, and publish a new module.

????️ GitHub Countermeasures:

GitHub's countermeasure, popular repository namespace retirement, blocks attempts to create repositories with retired names. However, this protection is less effective for Go modules, as they are cached, potentially leading to bypass scenarios.

???? Mitigation Challenges: Mitigating repojackings involving 15,000 GitHub accounts requires action from either Go or GitHub. Awareness is crucial for Go developers to understand the modules they use and their repository status.

???? Additional Security Concerns: In parallel, Lasso Security discovered 1,681 exposed API tokens on Hugging Face and GitHub, including Google, Meta, Microsoft, and VMware tokens. These could be exploited for supply chain, data poisoning, and model theft attacks.

???? Stay Informed and Vigilant: Developers must remain vigilant, understand their module sources, and be aware of evolving security threats! ????️????

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