Locked up: Teen hackers ‘LAPSUS$’ sentenced to juve

Dec 26 2023

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  • ????‍???? Locked up: Teen hackers ‘LAPSUS$’ sentenced to juve ⚖️

  • ⚠️ Dodgy WordPress plugin exposes sites to credit card fraud ????

  • ☠️ Nim-based malware delivered via decoy Microsoft Word docs ????

Hmm looks a little SUS$ ????

???? Cybercrime Teens Sentenced! ????

In a recent development, two British teens affiliated with the notorious LAPSUS$ cybercrime gang have faced legal consequences for orchestrating high-profile attacks on major companies. ????

????‍???? Arion Kurtaj (18) from Oxford, diagnosed with autism, received an indefinite hospital order for his intent to return to cybercrime. A 17-year-old member, unnamed due to age, got an 18-month Youth Rehabilitation Order for multiple offences, including fraud and blackmail.

???? Arrest and Re-Arrest Drama

Initially arrested in January 2022 and later re-arrested in March, the duo's crime spree spanned from August 2020 to September 2022, targeting big names like Microsoft, Uber, and Vodafone.

???? LAPSUS$ Modus Operandi

The group, with members in the UK and Brazil, employed SIM-swapping attacks, infiltrating networks and using Telegram to publicise and extort victims. The US DHS's Cyber Safety Review Board highlighted their tactics in a recent report.

????️‍♂️ Comm and Scattered Spider

LAPSUS$ is part of a larger entity called the Comm, engaging in various cybercrimes. The group's notoriety spawned another entity, Scattered Spider.

???? Warning from Authorities

Amanda Horsburgh, detective chief superintendent, emphasises the case as a cautionary tale about the dangers young people face online, urging responsible exploration of technology. ????????

Stay informed, stay safe! ????

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My plugin baby, crucifies my credit card ???????????? #Muse

???? Alert: Rogue WordPress Plugin Threat! ????

???? Threat hunters uncover a dangerous Magecart campaign targeting e-commerce sites using a rogue WordPress plugin. ???? This sneaky plugin creates fake admin users and injects malicious JavaScript code to swipe credit card details, warns security firm Sucuri.

???? Deceptive Tactics

The plugin disguises itself as 'WordPress Cache Addons,' fooling users with a veneer of legitimacy. Once in, it replicates to the must-use plugins directory, auto-enabling while hiding from the admin panel.

???? Persistent Access

The malware prevents removal by unregistering callback functions, ensuring it lingers. It also lets attackers create hidden admin accounts, maintaining prolonged access without raising suspicion.

???? Ultimate Goal

The campaign aims to insert credit card-stealing malware into checkout pages, sending data to an actor-controlled domain. Sucuri highlights the threat actors' use of a "RESERVED" status linked to a CVE identifier.

???? Widespread Impact

This revelation follows Europol's warning about the evolution of digital skimming, impacting 443 online merchants. Group-IB identifies 23 JS-sniffer families involved in cybercrime across 17 countries.

???? Stay Informed, Stay Secure

As cyber threats evolve, it's crucial to remain vigilant. Update plugins, use reliable security measures, and be wary of unexpected alerts or plugins. Your online safety matters! ????????️

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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They’re the cyber knights who say “Nim”! ????️???????? #MontyPython

???? New Phishing Alert: Nim Malware Emerges! ????

????️‍♂️ Researchers at Netskope have uncovered a dangerous phishing campaign deploying a backdoor written in the Nim programming language, catching the security community off guard. Nim-based malware is gaining traction, posing challenges for investigators due to its uncommon use.

???? Unique Threat Landscape

NimzaLoader, Nimbda, IceXLoader, Dark Power, and Kanti are examples of Nim-based threats on the rise. The attackers exploit the language's features for cross-platform attacks, complicating defence efforts.

???? Deceptive Tactics

The attack starts with a phishing email impersonating a Nepali government official, carrying a Word document. Once opened, victims are prompted to enable macros, leading to the deployment of Nim malware.

???? Malicious Actions

The backdoor scans for analysis tools and terminates itself if detected. It establishes connections with remote servers, masquerading as Nepali government domains, awaiting further instructions.

???? Nim's Capabilities

Nim, a statically typed compiled language, allows attackers to write one malware variant cross-compiled for different platforms, enhancing its threat level.

???? Evolving Threat Landscape

As new malware like Editbot Stealer emerges, phishing campaigns continue distributing known threats such as DarkGate and NetSupport RAT. Threat actors employ diverse social engineering tactics, including fake updates and email lures.

????️ Stay Vigilant, Stay Secure

With cybercriminals adopting innovative tactics, it's crucial to update security measures, be cautious with emails, and remain informed about evolving threats. Your online safety matters! ????????

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