Lumma Stealer spread via fake cracked software YT vids

Jan 10 2024

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  • ???? ‘Lumma Stealer’ spread via fake cracked software YT vids ????

  • ???? Poorly secured MS SQL servers targeted by Turkish hackers ????‍????

  • ???? Babuk Tortilla ransomware foiled by newly-obtained decryptor ???? 

Lumma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best cracked software videos of ALL TIME ???????????? #Kanye

???? Alert: YouTube Videos Used to Spread Lumma Stealer Malware! ????

???? Fortinet FortiGuard Labs recently uncovered a rising threat where cybercriminals are exploiting YouTube to distribute Lumma, an information-stealing malware. ???? These YouTube videos often focus on cracked software, luring users with installation guides and hidden malicious URLs. Beware of cracked versions of popular software like Vegas Pro!

How does it work? ????

Users seeking cracked software on YouTube are directed to click a link in the video description, leading to a fake installer on MediaFire. Once downloaded, the ZIP file unleashes a Windows shortcut disguising itself as a setup file. This shortcut triggers the download of a .NET loader from GitHub, loading the Lumma Stealer with anti-virtual machine and anti-debugging checks.

Lumma Stealer Capabilities ????

This C-written malware, available on underground forums since late 2022, can harvest and send sensitive data to the attacker-controlled server.

Broader Trend ????

This tactic follows a pattern where cybercriminals exploit YouTube for malware distribution, as seen in previous attacks delivering stealers, clippers, and crypto miners. Bitdefender also warned of stream-jacking attacks on YouTube, emphasising the need for vigilance.

Stay Safe ????️

Be cautious when navigating YouTube for cracked software, and avoid clicking on suspicious links. Keep your software updated, use reputable security software, and stay informed about emerging cyber threats. Together, we can create a safer digital environment! ????????

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Hackers: SQL and Destroy! ????????????

???? Alert: Financially Motivated Campaign Targets Insecure MS SQL Servers! ????

???? Poorly secured Microsoft SQL (MS SQL) servers are under fire in the U.S., European Union, and Latin American (LATAM) regions in an ongoing campaign dubbed RE#TURGENCE. ???? Researchers at Securonix warn of a dual threat – compromised host access sale or delivery of ransomware payloads.

Attack Details ????

Turkish-origin actors execute brute-force attacks on MS SQL servers, using xp_cmdshell for shell command execution. A PowerShell script fetches an obfuscated Cobalt Strike beacon payload, leading to the deployment of Mimic ransomware.

Post-Exploitation Toolkit ????

The attackers employ AnyDesk for remote access, downloading tools like Mimikatz for credential harvesting and Advanced Port Scanner for reconnaissance. PsExec facilitates lateral movement.

OPSEC Blunder ????️

Securonix uncovered an Operational Security (OPSEC) misstep – monitoring clipboard activity revealed the threat actors' Turkish origins and the alias "atseverse," linked to a Steam profile and a Turkish hacking forum called SpyHack.

Security Advice ????

Avoid exposing critical servers directly to the internet. Strengthen your server security to prevent brute-force attacks from external networks.

Stay Informed, Stay Secure! ????????????

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Holy Guacamole! Thank Bubuk for that! ????????????????️????

????️ Decoding Babuk Tortilla: A Collaborative Cybersecurity Fiesta! ????????

???? In a nacho-ordinary victory against cyber threats, experts guac-ed up executable code to decrypt files hit by the notorious Babuk Tortilla ransomware variant! ????????

Taco 'bout a Global Impact ????

This ransomware, which kicks like a mule and bites like a crocodile ????, gained notoriety in 2021, creating a bonafide salsa of chaos globally. 10 different cyber actors, nacho-average troublemakers, turned up the heat with the Babuk toolkit. Cisco Talos detected the Tortilla campaign in October 2021.

Decryptor Evolution ????

The Babuk Tortilla decryptor, born from leaked source code, got a guac-makeover by Avast Threat Labs. It's a necesito for recovering files spiced with Babuk variants.

User-Friendly Recovery ????

Avast's Babuk decryptor, as user-friendly as a burrito, lets even non-experts salsa their way to file recovery. Updated versions are ready for download. Hurray!

A Collaborative Triumph ????

Dutch Police, guided by Talos intel, apprehended the Babuk Tortilla threat actor. This victory is a tasty reminder of the power of guac-llaboration ???? between law enforcement and cybersecurity entities.

¡Gracias Amigos! ????????‍????

For those embroiled in the Tortilla ransomware mess, the updated Babuk decryptor is as welcome as an ice cold Corona on a hot summer’s day. FYI, it can be found on NoMoreRansom and Avast decryptors’ pages.

???? Together We Stand Against Cybercriminals! ✊???????? Power To The People, Right On! ✌️????????

Always a pleasure to deliver some guac-tastic news… for once! ???? Stay safe, cyber squad! ????️????

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