???? MEDUSA sets her eyes on 2 new victims and sets ransom deadline ????

Oct 04 2023

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  • ???? MEDUSA sets her eyes on 2 new victims and sets ransom deadline ????

  • ????‍???? Something changed in the Matrix. BlackCat hacks Motel One ????

  • ???? API Security Trends 2023: The writing is on the wall, cyber squad ✍️

It’s not set in stone ????????????

???? MEDUSA Cyber Attacks Strike Again! ????

The infamous MEDUSA ransomware group is back in action, targeting two high-profile companies and demanding hefty ransoms for their encrypted data's release. ????

???? New Victims

The latest victims on the MEDUSA group's dark web portal are Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (Coal Sales) Ltd in India and Windak Group. This highlights the escalating threat from MEDUSA.

???? Global Impact

Windak Group, a Swedish cable packaging equipment manufacturer, faces a $100,000 ransom with a deadline of 9 days and change. Meanwhile, Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. in India is asked to pay $200,000 in less than 10 days.

???? Verification Pending

Cybersecurity watchdog, The Cyber Express, is working to verify these claims, but no official responses from the targeted companies have emerged yet. ????️‍♂️

???? Business as Usual

Despite the attacks, the victim websites seem operational, adding uncertainty to the situation.

???? Pattern Continues

MEDUSA employs a similar modus operandi by announcing their victims on their dark web platform, following a recurring pattern in their cyber attack claims.

???? About MEDUSA

The group is known for its MedusaLocker Ransomware, targeting Windows machines through SPAM campaigns. They focus on healthcare, education, and data-rich enterprises and employ a double extortion tactic.

???? Their Tactics

MEDUSA exploits vulnerable Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP), uses deceptive phishing campaigns, and erases shadow copy backups to hinder data restoration.

Stay vigilant against cyber threats! ????????

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ALPHV/Black killed the ransomware star ????

???? ALPHV/BlackCat Ransomware Strikes Motel One! ????

The notorious ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware gang has targeted Motel One, a well-known German hotel chain specialising in budget-friendly accommodations for both business and leisure travellers. ????

???? Data Heist

The ransomware gang claims to have stolen a whopping 24,449,137 files, which is approximately 6 TB of data. This includes booking confirmations spanning three years. The exposed records contain sensitive information like customers' names, addresses, reservation dates, payment methods, and contact details. ????

???? Credit Card Data

Additionally, the stolen files also contain customers' credit card information and internal company documents, raising concerns about potential data breaches. The group warns of negative media attention and legal consequences if Motel One doesn't respond.

⏳ Countdown

The hackers have set a deadline of five days for Motel One to meet their ransom demands, or they threaten to release the compromised data to the public.

???? ALPHV's Trail

The ALPHV ransomware gang has been highly active since November 2021, targeting various organisations worldwide, including Clarion, Solar Industries India, NJVC, Creos Luxembourg S.A., Moncler, Swissport, NCR, and Western Digital. Their ransom demands vary from tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars.

Stay tuned for updates on this cyber threat! ????????

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API think you should check yourself before you wreck yourself ????

???? API Security: Safeguarding Your Digital Backbone ????️

In the world of modern software, APIs (application programming interfaces) are the unsung heroes, facilitating seamless data exchange between systems and platforms. Developers harness their power to integrate diverse functionalities into their apps. ????????

However, this increased reliance on APIs has a downside – they've become prime targets for cybercriminals. API breaches are on the rise due to inadequate security measures. Many APIs lack proper protection, making them vulnerable to attacks. ????????️‍♂️

Hackers are getting crafty, using techniques like code injections and manipulating responses to exploit API weaknesses. The consequences of an API breach are dire for businesses and consumers, leading to financial losses and data exposure risks.

???? The Stats

A whopping 78% of cybersecurity professionals have faced API security incidents in the past year! ????

???? Challenges in API Security

Relying solely on API gateways and web application firewalls (WAFs) may leave gaps in security:

???? Granular Access Control: Basic authentication may not cut it for complex scenarios.

???? Business Logic Attacks: Protecting against unique business workflow risks requires tailored security measures.

???? Threat Intelligence: Predefined rule sets might miss emerging threats.

???? Data Encryption: SSL/TLS secures transmission but not data at rest or end-to-end encryption.

???? Vulnerability Exploitation: Attackers can hit APIs before reaching gateways or WAFs.

???? Visibility Gaps: Detecting API-specific threats needs specialised tools

???? How Organisations Are Responding

78% have experienced API-related security incidents, leading 81% to prioritise API security more than ever. But, many lack visibility into sensitive data returned by APIs.

Stay informed and secure those APIs! ????????

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