Real estate firm (likely Goyzer) exposes 640k customers’ data

Dec 28 2023

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  • ???? Real estate firm (likely Goyzer) exposes 640k customers’ data ????

  • ???? Video game legend Ubisoft investigate alleged data breach! ????️‍♂️

  • ‍☠️ Meet Bandook, the ransomware scam that keeps on scamming ????‍????

Goyzer! What estate of affairs ????????????

???? Cybernews Research Team Uncovers Major Security Lapse!

In a recent investigation, an exposed database containing sensitive information for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, likely owned by Goyzer—a real estate property management software maker—was discovered.

???? Data’s Mongone

The leaked data, including names, emails, phone numbers, and scanned documents, was accessed through a publicly exposed MongoDB database that lacked a password. The database, now closed, held over 100K links with scanned documents from Goyzer's domain.

???? The affected customers were based in Dubai, and the total exposed individuals number around 690,000. The leaked data poses a significant risk of identity theft, phishing, and financial fraud.

???? Always prioritise robust security measures! ????

Despite attempts to contact Goyzer for comment, there has been no response as of now.

In a separate incident, cybersecurity researcher Jeremiah Fowler uncovered an unprotected database associated with Estate Wealth Network, containing a massive 1.16 terabytes of data, including real estate ownership details of celebrities and politicians.

???? Stay vigilant, protect your data, and watch out for potential scams! ????

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Hackers: Ubisoft while we come hard ????????????

???? Ubisoft Investigates Alleged Data Breach! ????️‍♂️

Ubisoft, the renowned video game publisher, is currently probing reports of a potential data breach following evidence shared by prominent researchers vx-underground.

On December 20, 2023, an unknown threat actor allegedly accessed Ubisoft's infrastructure for 48 hours. Administrators took swift action to lock them out upon discovery.

The breach's origin remains unclear, but the attackers unsuccessfully attempted to steal user data from the popular game R6 Siege.

???? Ubisoft, a key player in the gaming industry, is recognized for blockbuster franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege across various platforms.

Threat actors claim access to Ubisoft's Microsoft Teams, Confluence, and SharePoint, with plans to exfiltrate a whopping 900GB of stolen data.

This incident echoes a previous cyber security event in March 2022, where Ubisoft faced a significant impact on games and services. The Lapsus$ extortion gang asserted responsibility, claiming a breach and internal data exfiltration.

In a related event in October 2020, the Egregor ransomware gang targeted Ubisoft after hitting game developer Crytek.

???? Stay tuned for updates as Ubisoft addresses this latest security concern! ???? ????????

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Time to impose a Bandook ????????????

???? URGENT: Critical Security Alert for Windows Users! ????

???? Affected Platforms: Microsoft Windows
???? Impacted Users: Microsoft Windows Users
???? Impact: Remote attackers can gain control of infected systems

???? Bandook Malware Update: A new variant of the Bandook malware has emerged, identified by FortiGuard Labs. This remote access trojan, active since 2007, has now been detected in a PDF file distributed in October. The PDF contains a malicious shortened URL leading to a password-protected .7z file. Once extracted, the malware injects its payload into msinfo32.exe.

???? What's at Risk?

  • Names, emails, and phone numbers

  • Scanned documents: receipts, checks, contracts, and IDs

???? Potential Threats:

  • Identity theft

  • Phishing attacks

  • Financial fraud

???? Protection Tips:

  • Always use robust security measures.

  • Update your antivirus software regularly.

???? Technical Insights:

  • Registry keys control payload behaviour.

  • Bandook uses fewer control codes for more precise tasks.

  • C2 communication involves various commands for file manipulation, registry changes, downloads, and more.

????️‍???? Keep an Eye Out! ????️‍???? Safeguard your data, stay alert, and be on the lookout for possible scams! ????️

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