Sea Turtle surfaces in Holland targeting IT, telecom

Jan 08 2024

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  • ???? Sea Turtle surfaces in Holland targeting IT, telecom ????

  • ????‍???? Scammers infect hospital, threaten cancer patients ????

  • ????️ West Virginia municipality falls victim to cyber carnage ⚡

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???? Cybersecurity Alert: Sea Turtle Unleashes Espionage Campaign!

In a chilling development, Dutch security firm Hunt & Hackett reveals a fresh cyber espionage onslaught orchestrated by Sea Turtle, a Türkiye-based threat actor. ???? Targets include telecommunication, media, ISPs, IT-service providers, and Kurdish websites in the Netherlands, amplifying concerns over potential information theft. ????


Sea Turtle, also known as Cosmic Wolf, Marbled Dust, Teal Kurma, and UNC1326, gained notoriety in 2019 for state-sponsored attacks across the Middle East and North Africa. Their modus operandi involves exploiting vulnerabilities, especially through DNS hijacking and supply chain attacks.

Spies the limit ????️‍♂️

Latest insights from Hunt & Hackett highlight Sea Turtle's persistent focus on espionage, utilising the SnappyTCP reverse TCP shell in attacks observed since 2021. ????️‍♂️ In a 2023 incident, a compromised cPanel account was exploited for initial access, demonstrating the group's evolving tactics.

Batten Down The Hatches ⛵

To fortify against such threats, organisations are strongly urged to enforce robust password policies, implement 2FA, monitor SSH traffic, and maintain up-to-date systems. ????️ Stay vigilant and secure your digital frontiers against the elusive Sea Turtle! ????????

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Let’s hope the threat’s benign ????

Extortionists are taking cyber threats to shocking new levels by targeting hospital patients, threatening to initiate bomb scares and other bogus reports that lead heavily armed police to victims' homes unless the medical centres pay hefty ransoms. ????

SWAT ever’s next? ????

In a recent incident at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, after a cyber breach in November compromised patient records, criminals escalated their tactics by issuing direct swatting threats. The idea is to pressure hospitals into meeting ransom demands, utilising patients and media coverage as leverage. ????

Sleepless in Seattle ????

The unsettling trend extends beyond Seattle, with Integris Health in Oklahoma facing a similar "cyber event." Patients there received threatening emails, adding another layer of distress to an already dire situation. ????

Time to ban the ran payment? ????

As cybercriminals become more brazen, security experts warn of potential real-world violence connected to cyber-extortion, emphasising the urgent need for a ban on ransom payments. Organisations are urged to stay vigilant, enhance cybersecurity measures, and prepare for evolving threats. ????????‍⚕️????

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Hackers: Almost heaven, West Virginia ????????????

???? Beckley, WV Faces Cyber Crisis: City Hit by Cyberattack! ????????

Beckley, West Virginia, is under siege from a recent cyberattack, as announced in a Thursday notice on social media. City officials apologised for network issues and are actively investigating the incident's source, scope, and potential data impact. The city, located 50 minutes from the Virginia border, is at the heart of the Beckley metropolitan area, home to 115,000 people.

They Denver saw it coming ????

Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold confirmed the cyberattack but couldn't provide a restoration timeline. This incident adds to a wave of 2023 cyberattacks on small U.S. governments, with at least 95 entities targeted, as reported by cybersecurity company Emsisoft.

Is it a Hubers who of cyber-attacks ????

In a parallel struggle, Huber Heights, Ohio, is still grappling with fallout from a November ransomware attack, remaining in a state of emergency. The city council allocated $350,000 for response efforts, covering cybersecurity, negotiation, and system updates.

City Manager Rick Dzik emphasised the uncertainty of data compromise, ranging from everyday work documents to personal information. The situation reflects a broader trend of rising cyber threats against municipalities. ????????️????️

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