Shakeeb Ahmed gets 3 years for $12.3M theft

Apr 17 2024

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  • 👮‍♂️ Former security engineer Shakeeb Ahmed gets 3 years for $12.3M theft 💰

  • ⚠️ Facebook users beware! Credit card skimmer LARPs as harmless tracker 💳

  • 🚪 XZ utils backdoor files infects popular liblzma-sys Rust crate in version 0.3.2 📦

What is this, Ahmed robbery? 👀😏💀

🚨 Former Engineer Sentenced for Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks 🛡️

📉 Former security engineer Shakeeb Ahmed has been sentenced to three years in a U.S. prison for hacking two decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges in July 2022, pocketing over $12.3 million. Ahmed, who previously worked as a senior security engineer, utilised his expertise in smart contracts and blockchain audits to execute the hacks, as revealed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

🏙️ While Ahmed's employer remains undisclosed, it's known that he resided in Manhattan and previously worked at Amazon. Court documents indicate that Ahmed exploited security flaws in smart contracts, allowing him to inflate fees and syphon funds from the exchanges. He even attempted to negotiate with one exchange, offering to return most funds in exchange for their silence.

💸 CoinDesk reported that a portion of the stolen funds was returned anonymously, resembling a "white hat" gesture. In addition to targeting Crema Finance, Ahmed attacked Nirvana Finance, resulting in its shutdown after syphoning $3.6 million. Despite a bug bounty offer, Ahmed demanded more, leaving Nirvana uncompensated.

🔄 To cover his tracks, Ahmed laundered the stolen assets across different blockchains, using mixers like Samourai Whirlpool. As part of his sentence, he must serve jail time, undergo supervised release, and forfeit $12.3 million, paying over $5 million in restitution.

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Skim, skimmer, who's got the keys to my bimmer? 🎶🙃💀

🚨 Facebook-dwelling Credit Card Skimmer Disguised as Meta Pixel Tracker 💳

🛡️ Cybersecurity researchers have unearthed a cunning credit card skimmer concealed within a counterfeit Meta Pixel tracker script, aiming to elude detection. Injected into websites via customizable code tools like WordPress plugins and Magento admin panels, this malware masquerades as benign scripts, leveraging popular naming conventions like Google Analytics or JQuery.

🕵️‍♂️ The bogus Meta Pixel tracker script mimics its authentic counterpart but harbours JavaScript code that substitutes genuine domain references with malicious ones. Instead of "connect.facebook[.]net," it loads from "b-connected[.]com," hosting a malicious script ("fbevents.js") that stealthily snatches credit card details when users reach checkout pages.

💼 The compromised "b-connected[.]com" redirects data to another compromised site, "www.donjuguetes[.]es," highlighting the interconnected web of cyber threats.

🛡️ To thwart such attacks, experts recommend keeping websites updated, reviewing admin accounts regularly, and frequently updating passwords. Weak passwords and plugin vulnerabilities are often exploited by threat actors to gain elevated access and execute malicious activities.

🔍 This revelation coincides with Sucuri's disclosure of Magento Shoplift malware targeting WordPress and Magento sites. These sophisticated attacks, like the MageCart e-commerce malware, underscore the evolving tactics of cybercriminals, necessitating heightened vigilance and proactive security measures.

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Updating Rust is a must, must, MUST ⚠️⚠️⚠️

🚨 Backdoor Alert: XZ Utils Compromised by Test Files in Rust Crate 💻

🕵️‍♂️ Test files linked to the XZ Utils backdoor have infiltrated a Rust crate called liblzma-sys, according to recent revelations from Phylum. liblzma-sys, boasting over 21,000 downloads, offers Rust developers bindings to the liblzma implementation, a core component of XZ Utils data compression software. The affected version, 0.3.2, was singled out for scrutiny.

🛡️ "The current distribution (v0.3.2) on contains the test files for XZ that contain the backdoor," Phylum highlighted in a GitHub issue filed on April 9, 2024.

💼 In response to responsible disclosure, the contentious files ("tests/files/bad-3-corrupt_lzma2.xz" and "tests/files/good-large_compressed.lzma") were promptly removed from version 0.3.3 of liblzma-sys, released on April 10. The preceding version was swiftly withdrawn from the registry.

🔍 "The malicious tests files were committed upstream, but due to the malicious build instructions not being present in the upstream repository, they were never called or executed," stated Snyk in its advisory.

📉 The XZ Utils backdoor saga began when Microsoft engineer Andres Freund detected nefarious commits impacting versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1, released in February and March 2024, respectively. The backdoor circumvented SSH authentication controls, potentially granting remote code execution privileges to attackers.

🛡️ According to SentinelOne researchers, the actor behind the backdoor, operating under the alias Jia Tan, gradually gained trust within the XZ Utils community over two years. The modus operandi involved subtle code changes aimed at enhancing the backdoor's sophistication and evading detection.

🌐 The multifaceted operation involved social engineering tactics, suggesting a coordinated effort using phoney developer accounts. Despite the early discovery and restoration of the XZ Utils repository, the intricate nature of the backdoor hints at a state-sponsored threat actor's involvement, raising concerns about future supply chain attacks.

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