SIM swapping’ behind X account hack, says SEC

Jan 24 2024

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Now on to today’s hottest cybersecurity news stories:

  • ???? ‘SIM swapping’ behind X account hack, says SEC ????️

  • ???? New Chae$ 4.1 malware hides in driver downloads ????

  • ???? REvil’s Aleksandr Gennadievich behind Medibank leak ????

Hang on a SEC, it was all down to a SIMple swap ????????????


???? Security Breach Alert: SEC’s Twitter Account Hijacked in SIM Swap Attack! ????????️‍♂️

Hey Cyber Squad! ???????? Breaking news on a recent cybersecurity incident! The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) faced a significant breach as an “unauthorised party” seized control of its Twitter account, @SECGov, after hijacking the associated cell phone number in a SIM swap attack. ????????

???? Attack Details

The unauthorised party, using a SIM swap attack, transferred the SEC’s cell phone number to another device, gaining control of the Twitter account. This cybercrime tactic involves scammers taking over a person’s phone number by transferring it to a device under their control.

???? Telecom Carrier Infiltration

The access to the phone number occurred via the telecom carrier, not through SEC systems. The agency clarified that there’s no evidence of the unauthorised party accessing SEC systems, data, devices, or other social media accounts.

???? Timeline of Events

  • January 9: Account takeover discovered.

  • Two days later: SEC contacts its telecom carrier.

  • Discovery: Unauthorised party obtained control via a SIM swap attack.

???? Security Measures

While multifactor authentication was enabled on the compromised account (X account), it had been disabled in July 2023 due to access issues. The SEC reinstated multi factor authentication on January 9 after reclaiming control.

???? Law Enforcement Collaboration

The SEC is actively working with law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Justice Department, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, to investigate the incident.

???? Public Outcry

Lawmakers have expressed outrage over the incident, demanding answers from SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.

???? Lesson Learned

This incident underscores the persistent threat of SIM swap attacks. Organisations must remain vigilant, reinforce security measures, and collaborate with law enforcement to counter cyber threats effectively.

????️ Stay Secure, Stay Informed!

Dive into the details and stay updated on the evolving cybersecurity landscape! Vigilance is key! ????????


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Hackers: Should I give up or should I just keep Chae$ing payments? ????????????

???? Chae$ 4.1 Malware Alert! ????

Morphisec researchers unveil the latest threat with surprising tactics and an embedded message within the source code.

???? Background

Identified in Sep ’23, Chae$ malware evolves into the formidable Chae$ 4.1, leveraging advanced code polymorphism for stealthy manoeuvres.

???? Morphisec’s Investigation

Morphisec Threat Labs delves into Chae$ 4.1, highlighting its mechanics, implications, and safety measures. The malware targets login credentials and financial data, particularly impacting e-commerce users in Brazil.

???? Chae$ 4.1 Updates

Unveiling a superior Chronod module and a unique twist – a direct message to the Morphisec team within the source code. A significant leap from previous versions.

⛓️ Infection Chain

Initiated by a Portuguese-language email, victims navigate deceptive websites, ultimately leading to the download of a ZIP file or an MSI installer. The malware exploits a fake security scan and prompts users to install a seemingly updated driver.

???? Security Concerns

Chae$ 4.1 deploys advanced code polymorphism, eluding antivirus detection and detecting sandbox environments, intensifying user risks.

????️ Stay Informed, Stay Secure!

Regularly update systems, employ advanced malware detection, exercise caution with links and attachments, and back up critical data. Vigilance and robust security practices are paramount against evolving cyber threats. Combating cyber threats requires awareness and proactive security measures. ????????

???? Catch of the Day!! ????????????

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The REvil’s in the REtail ????????????

???? Australia Takes Cyber Action: First-Ever Sanctions Imposed ????

In a precedent-setting move, Australia leverages its 2021 “significant cyber incidents” sanctions against Russian national Aleksandr Gennadievich Ermakov for the 2022 cyberattack on health insurer Medibank Private. ????

???? The Attack

Medibank fell victim to ransomware, exposing data on 10 million customers. Medical treatments, personal details, and contact information were compromised, linking the REvil gang to the breach. Australia accused Russia of sheltering the group.

???? Sanctions Imposed

Ermakov faces travel bans, financial sanctions, and potential imprisonment. The scheme aims to penalise individuals involved in cyber incidents harming Australia or other nations.

????️ Ongoing Pursuit

Australian authorities, including the Federal Police and the Australian Signals Directorate, are actively pursuing leads. The move reflects Australia’s commitment to combating cyber threats.

???? Ramifications

Dealing with Ermakov or providing assets, even through cryptocurrency, could lead to severe penalties. Google’s undersea cable plans and Australia’s cyber resilience efforts continue amidst these developments.

???? Identity Complexities

Multiple individuals share the name Aleksandr Ermakov, adding complexities to the identification process.

???? Cyber Resilience

Despite facing cyber challenges, Australia takes decisive actions, offering solace to citizens amid high-profile incidents. I guess you could say they’ve been driven hopping mad by cybercrime ???????????? I’ll grab my coat… But seriously, we salute the Aussies in taking action against the scammers. Cheers, mates! ????

Stay informed, stay secure! ????????

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