WhatsApp to introduce ‘Truecaller’.

May 12 2023

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Today’s hottest cyber security stories:

  • WhatsApp to introduce ‘Truecaller’. Scammers beware!
  • Spanish police dismantle phishing operation… Spanish phish? ????Paella ????
  • Google announces new cybersecurity features across its services. Hooray!


This was a relief to read. I mean, these scam calls are definitely getting bad again, aren’t they? But dw because WhatsApp takes cybersecurity seriously and has apparently got us covered.

Introducing Truecaller, the ultimate superhero of caller identification services, that’s swooping in to save the day! Hold on to your smartphones because this news is seriously fun-tastic!

According to the fearless leader of Truecaller, chief executive Alan Mamedi (cue applause), our beloved caller identification service is spreading its wings and flying over to WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

Oh, and let’s not forget the reason behind this heroic move. Telemarketing and spam calls have been running wild in countries like India. But fear not, Truecaller is here to fight those bad guys!

Alan Mamedi mentioned that there has been a surge in user reports from India about spam calls invading WhatsApp.

Arabian Business recently spilled the beans about scammers making random WhatsApp calls from international numbers. We’re talking about a whirlwind tour with stops in Ethiopia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, and Vietnam!

These tricksters are trying to lure unsuspecting users with the promise of jaw-dropping job offers. Sneaky, sneaky!

But here’s the kicker: these calls may seem like they’re coming from a specific country, but in reality, they could be hailing from any corner of the globe thanks to the mighty Internet.

Naturally, users took to social media to share their jaw-dropping WhatsApp scam experiences. Because when you’ve faced the dark side of scam calls, what else is there to do but unite with your fellow victims on the digital battlefield? Together, we stand strong against these scammers!

So, buckle up, folks! Truecaller is on the move, armed with its new WhatsApp powers, ready to rid the world of spam calls and protect innocent smartphone users.

Stay vigilant, stay smart, and remember, with Truecaller by your side, you’ll never have to fear the ringing of your phone again! Excelsior!


When he heard all this talk of Spain and phish, we just started getting hungry for paella. The Spanish police however, got busy. And fair play to them, honestly. Impressive stuff!

So, what happened? Well, as mentioned, the National Police of Spain just pulled off a major catch! They’ve managed to nab not just one, but two hackers!

And that’s not all—they’ve also apprehended a whopping 15 members of a criminal organisation, along with another 23 folks involved in some shady financial operations in Madrid and Seville. Talk about a busy day for the police!

So, what’s the scoop on these troublemakers? Well, it turns out they were running a cybercrime operation, but get this—it was all based on email and SMS trickery! They were up to some serious phishing shenanigans, allegedly scamming over 300,000 unsuspecting people.

And stay tuned because the numbers are about to get even crazier. The losses from this mischievous enterprise? A jaw-dropping 700,000 euros (that’s a cool $770k). Yikes! That’s a whole lot of dough!

According to the police, a total of 40 individuals have been rounded up and charged with belonging to a criminal organisation. But that’s not all—they’re also facing allegations of bank scams, documentary falsification (sounds like something out of a spy movie, right?), identity theft, and money laundering. These guys really knew how to cover all their bases!

Apparently, this crafty gang employed hacking tools and some serious business logistics to pull off their computer scams. They were like cyber-criminals with a tech-savvy twist! But thanks to the quick action of the Spanish police, their little operation has come to an end.

Let’s hope this bust sends a strong message to all the would-be scammers out there. The cyber cops are on the case, ready to put an end to their sneaky schemes.

Stay safe out there, folks, and remember to always double-check those suspicious emails and messages!


Today is a good day for cybersecurity with news of updated security messages coming from Google as well as WhatsApp. Yay!

Indeed, Google just dropped some mind-blowing privacy, safety, and security goodies at the grandest spectacle of the tech world, Google I/O!

It’s a show like no other, where the mighty tech giant flaunts its newest tricks to shield its users from those pesky cyber baddies. We’re talking about safeguarding against those sneaky phishing attacks and wickedly malicious websites that try to mess with your digital kingdom.

Google’s not just a hero in shining armour; it’s giving you the power to reign supreme over your personal data, with control and transparency like you’ve never seen before.

Here is a short list of the newly introduced features:

  • Improved data control and transparency
  • Gmail Dark Web Scan Report
  • Effortlessly Delete Maps Search History
  • AI-Powered Safe Browsing
  • Content Safety API Expansion
  • About this Image
  • Spam View in Google Drive

What a rare treat in cybersecurity to kick the weekend off with some good news. Have a good one, folks!

So long and thanks for reading all the phish!

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